Belgium Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Belgium
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a Belgium based mobile app development company?

List of some of the Belgium Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Founded in 2012 with more than 50 employees,Endare is a full service mobile development company, founded in 2012 and based in Ghent, South Africa. Mobile development and -consultancy is 100% of our focus. They are passionate about helping our customers transform their business and processes by targeted implementations of mobile technology.

Keyservices and portfolio-Software, Smartphones, B2B, B2C, Mobile Security, Google Glass, Mobile development, Tablets, Wearables, Web, HTML5, Augmented Reality, Business transformation, and Enterprise consultancy.

Offices– Belgium Office- Ghent.

Major clients– News Monkey, Zone Centrum, Meet District, Inverde, Touring, Scan Source, Eurovision, School Online, Cuvieus Exhibition, Gentse Feesten App, Gentse Feesten , Kinepolis, Police LPH, Taxi stop and many others.

Versatile world

Founded in 2003 with more than 50 employees,Versatile World is an integrating brand agency based in Brussels, aiming to help companies bridge the gap between business strategy and design. It is headquartered at Brussels, Belgium.In other words, by using  expertise and experience in both Business Strategy and Design, the firm can really understand  clients’ wants and business challenges and help them achieve maximum return on investment.

Keyservices and portfolio-Branding, Marketing positioning, Strategy, Web design, New media marketing, and Search engine optimisation.

Offices– Belgium Office- Brussels.

Major clients– Bakala Academy, SA Embrassy, Inside Europe, ACV Archimedestool, European Cyclist Federation, Six Paths Consulting and many others.

Lizard apps

Founded in 2012 with more than 50 employees, LizardApps was founded by three TU Delft alumni with years of experience in the professional development of mobile apps, websites, e – commerce sites and data platforms .  It is headquartered at Rotterdam, Holland.They focus primarily on performance, flexibility, development speed and efficiency as a subcontractor for design and development agencies, as well as building software projects from an idea to a product.A small selection of  the  companies portfolio includes: – Apps: DiversGuide(DuikersGids) app, The Inner Circle app, Field Marketing app, East West Institute app, Gerritse e-Commerce app

Keyservices and portfolio-Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and Web development.

Offices- Holland Office- Rotterdom | Belgium Office- Antwerp.

Major clients-  Alliander, Bizbundel, Domus Vivendi, Sportlijf-pt – E-commerce: BizBundel, Funcompany, Gerritse, Caroba, Ford Champions League campaign, KFC campaign, Dolce Gusto campaign, Kennemer Gasthuis, UWV Interactive ,Banners , Slam FM , Ben & Jerry’s, Bacardi ,Statistics South Africa, National Atlas , National Institute of Public Health , Environment(RIVM), the GEF statistics and  many others.

Kanga Coders

 Founded in 2013 with more than 50 employees,Kanga combines supply chain expertise with technology to optimize last mile delivery. it is headquartered at Atlanta, United States. This provides  clients with greater visibility & control of their last mile delivery operations, leading to increased customer satisfaction & reduced overall costs. What separates  from pure technology or logistics companies is their commitment to understand your business model & unique constraints. This means together Kanga Coders can create a valuable & customized solution to solve last mile today and in the future.

Keyservices and portfolio– Last Mile, SaaS, Local delivery, and White Label.

Offices– Belgium Office- Antwerp | US Office- Atlanta.

Major clients– Mule 2 go, Techre Commerce, Commercial Relocation and many others.


Founded in 2009 with more than 200 employees,ICapps helps organizations and companies of all sizes identify their users’ needs and build fitting solutions. From strategic advice, over seamless integration across all platforms (mobile, web, desktop…) to compelling user interfaces. It is headquartered at Antwerpen, Belgium.ICapps consists of a team of over 50 digital experts inspired and fueled by helping  customers with innovative products and solid advice taking  the company to great heights along with profits.

Keyservices and portfolio-Digital Strategy, Concept & Design, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and App Management (Service Level Agreements).

Offices– Belgium Offices- Antwerpen, Hasselt |  Netherlands Office- Hendrik ido.

Major clients–  Telenet, Kfc, Belfius,Philips, Mobile Vikins, Mediahubs, Keytrade, Bolero, Proimus, Luminos, Vanin, Unilever, AGC, Isabel, SDO, NMBA and many others.

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