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Top Mobile App Development Companies in Brazil
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Make App at Low Price – Brazil Top Mobile App Developers. List of some of the Brazil Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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ArcTouch helps brands connect more deeply with customers through custom experiences for phones, tablets and smart things. They well  transform app ideas into experiences for a wide range of connected devices you hold in your hand, wear on your wrist, and use in your home and car. Clients range from Fortune 500 businesses to well-known brands and influential startups

Portfolio / Services : iPhone app developers, iOS developers, Android app developers, mobile software development, app store deployment, iPad app developers, Android developers, UX design, UI design, mobile strategy, IoT, chatbots, A/R, V/R, user experience // Worldwide offices : USA offices – San Francisco , New York | Brazil offices – Florianopolis

Major clients : NBC, Honeywell, Yahoo, CBS, Guess, Salesforce, Skyjet, Audi, Merk, Sony, Snapfish, NVIDIA, Symantec and many more

Employees : 50 – 200


Founded in 2006 with more than 50 employees,Concepta, Inc is a leading mobile, web, and software development firm and specializes in custom applications for the enterprise. It is headquartered at  Orlando, Florida.Their portfolio includes multiple Fortune 100, 500, and Franchise 500 companies and multiple Top 20 apps on both iTunes and Google Play.Concepta is committed to assisting  clients with carrying out complex Mobile and Web projects delivered on-time and within scope. They use variousupdated technologies like- Andriod, Windows 10, Xamarin, React Native.It is also featured in various platforms like INC, TNW, mashable, success, orlando business, lifestyle, USA Today, Southwest.

Keyservices and portfolio- Mobile App Web Development Software Development. Business Analysis and Project Management.

Offices– Florida  Office- Orlando US Office- New york Brazil Office- PB.

Major Clients- Walt Disney World, GE imagination at world, FAME, Warner music group, Organizations, Tracfone, Aviana Grande, Blue and many others.

Cheesecake labs

Founded in 2013 with more than 50 employees,Cheesecake labs design and develop mobile and web applications for startups and enterprises. The services include Full-Stack Development, UX/UI Design, Strategy & Consulting. It is headquartered at Florianópolis, Brazil.Cheesecake labs care about clients  products. Having total commitment with their ideas drives us to our passionate approach, after all, the only success for us is the success of your inventions. It houses an incredibly multidisciplinary team.They are a Certificaelo  Premio, Caminho Certo  certified  firm.

Keyservices and portfolio– Software Consultacy Web Applications Mobile. Full-stack solutions and UI/UX Design.

Offices- Brazil Office- Florianopolis | California Office- San Francisco.

Major Clients- Sing Clarity, Lockitron, One Avenue, Camio, Vsporto, Getable, Tripplepoint, Fishbit, Bond,, Woorit, Hairsize, Menud, Trucking, Medico, Fullscrapp and many others.


Founded in 2013 with more than 50 employees,Capptan is a software factory specializing in mobile applications that serves customers from a wide range of segments with customized projects and outsourcing.For its excellence, in 2017 was internationally recognized in platforms like Google developer Experts and Top App Developers.It is positioned as the largest mobile expert company in its region of Paraná.  It is headquartered at Maringa,Brazil.Innovation keeps us creating custom applications that impact the trajectory of each of our customers. It also means that they help reinvent traditional businesses. Capptan works on a collaborative environment that is concerned with the constant evolution of its team.

Keyservices and portfolio-  Mobile Outsourcing Componentes mobile Mobile Commerce Consult mobile Android Swift Objective C. React Native iOS and Mobile Apps.

Offices- Brazil Offices- Maringa, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Riodejaneiro.

Major Clients- Oi, Linesystem, Baixaki, Unicesuman, DB1 Global Software, Cocamur Woods, G10, Fx and Grek, Redemassa, Elotech, Bussuola, Prime and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees, Jera is a Mobile apps  development firm from Brazil.Their mission is to help clients use technology as an advantage for their business by creating apps for mobile devices.  It is headquartered at  Campo Grande, Brazil.People choose  this firm because They believe in creating apps everyday, are on schedule, budget friendly, Team work and focuses on customer success.To become the best option for on demand design and development of innovative IT related bussiness with absolute client satisfaction and sustainable growth.Jera believes that  technology can be more accessible and bring more oportunities to improve people’s lives.The company has won various prestigious  prizes like Brazilian Innovative prize (2015), Brazilian Small companies Prize (2014), App Campus Prize (2013).

Keyservices and portfolio- Android and iOS App Development UX and UI App Design and Web Responsive App Development.

Offices- Brazil Office- Campo Grande.

Major Clients- Beblue, Extaxi, Eu Entrego, Me salva, TACO Rock In Rio, Phofish, Optimale, My time, Fifty, Balad, Doctor, Daybook Ld, YOn, Souldeli, Bcam and many others.

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