Ireland Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ireland
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Make App at Low Price – Ireland Top Mobile App Developers.List of some of the Ireland Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Kill The Loop

Founded in 2011 with more than 50 employees,Self-defined as ‘Intelligent & Ethical Business’, Kill The Loop has selected an exquisite team of smart and honest people from all over Euro.  It is headquartered at Dublin, IrelandThey are experienced and professional developers, designers and language QA testers with very creative minds, they are experts in iOS and Android Apps Development and Design.

Keyservices and portfolio-iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Android App Development, API/DB/CMS Development, Web Development, App, Web and Branding Design, “Appvertising”, App and Web Localization, App and Web Testing and Bug Fixing, App Store Submission Assistance.

Offices- Ireland Office- Dublin.

Major clients– Health And sport technologies Ltd, Glucoband, Sereal Designers, Bright Head, QP tech, Eason, Climate, Mobile Makeover, Emergency Surgical Staffing, Snap File, Graffiti Wipeout, ALL5 and many others.

Tadco Apps Ltd

Founded in 2017 with more than 50 employees,TADCO Apps Ltd. is an Irish company with a strong, experienced team of industry-expert app developers Ireland. It is headquartered at  Galway,Ireland. Their mission is to deliver low cost, high performance software applications for  clients and customers. Tadco does this by using  global network of highly skilled software designers delivering stunning software solutions, passing low costs on to clients.

Keyservices and portfolio-App Development, Software Development, iOS Mobile Apps, Android Mobile Apps.

Offices– Ireland Office- Galway.

Major clients– Georgia-Pacific, intralinks, nxtid, sony music, Accent, Pepsico and many others.


Founded in 2013 with more than 50 employees,Square1 are a creative online and mobile software development company.  It is headquartered at  Dublin, Ireland.They have acquired a highly focused and qualified team of the best people in order to deliver the best service and products to our customers. Through our experience and vast knowledge we have been responsible for building and maintaining some of the most recognised and visited websites operating in Ireland.Square 1  is extremely proud of not only these products but also the relationships it has built with  their  profile clients.

Keyservices and portfolio-Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Online Consulting, Online Payment Solutions, Hosting and Infrastructure Scaling, Advertising Solutions, CRM Development, iOS Development, Android Development.

Offices– Ireland Office- Dublin

Major clients- Nova, Digicel, The Journal i.e, Sportsjoe, Level K, Daftie, Image, Bizz i.e, Siliconre Public, Trustvet, Zendfast, Social Weddings, House and Home, Confetti and many others.


With more than 50 employees, Mosaic thrive on exceeding  client’s expectations. They utilize the latest technologies and trends to develop high quality mobile apps (iOS and Android) and mobile websites… that WOW our client’s customers.

Keyservices and portfolio- Andriod, Mobile Websites, Mobile App Development.

Offices- Ireland- Dublin4.

Major clients– AIB, Google, Adidas, Cocacola, Zurich, Diageo, Ogilvy, Eircom, Linked in, Carlsberg, Unilever, Verse, Splink, Bfree, Balfoar beauty, Jobbio, Lyons, Electric ireland and many others.


Founded in 2009 with more than 50 employees, Tapadoo thrive on exceeding client’s expectations.  It is headquartered at  Dublin, Ireland.They utilise the latest technologies and trends to develop high quality mobile apps (iOS and Android) and mobile websites… that WOW  client’s customers.

Keyservices and portfolio– iOS Development, Android Development, App Maintenance, Design, UI, UX.

Offices– Ireland  Office- Dublin.

Major clients– Slendertone Connect, Realex fir, Samsung Night fun, Fitir women, Hay Fever Relief and many others.

The Digital Department

Founded in 2015 with more than  20 employees, The Digital Department is a Mobile Web apps development firm, touch screen software, and websites for business. They provide amazing customer service and cutting edge technology that won’t break your budget.Its goal is to change the way businesses purchase and launch technology.

Keyservices and portfolio-Responsive Web Design, Touch Screen Software, Technology, CMS.

Offices-Ireland Office- Cork

Major clients– Toyota, Right Price Tiles& Wood Flooring, Camile, Swamp, Credit Union, Hanleys Hickeys Pharmacy, Cumuins sports, Atkins, Donworth, Jaffa On the Quay, Humbleble, Chilli pad, Star, Donworth, Bismark and many others.

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