Lithuania Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Make App at low Cost – Lithuania Top Mobile App Developers. List of some of the Lithuania Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Devbridge Group

Founded in 2009 with more than 500 employees, Devbridge Group is an innovative software design and development company that helps Fortune 1000 companies in financial services. It is headquartered at Illinois, Chicago.They turn business ideas into extraordinary digital products that drive business value. The firm are a team of highly skilled product managers, product designers, and engineers who work cohesively alongside clients to strategize, consult, design, and develop. 

Key services and portfolio-Enterprise Web Development | Enterprise Mobile Development. Software Design &amp .Development | Agile Transformation. Product Design | Digital Strategy &amp | Innovation. User Experience Design | Digital Transformation. Enterprise Architecture | Digital Banking.

Offices- UK Office- London | US Office-  Chicago | Canada Office-  Toronto | Lithuania Offices- Kaunas, Vilnius.

Major clients- Teir 1 Bank Onboarding, E commerce Transformation, Platform For Mobile Farmer, R&D Portfolio Management, Micro Services, Mobile Feild Service Apps, E Discovery And Big Data, Data  Availability Strategy, Mobile First Chicago Bank, The Art Institute Of Chicago, HIPAA and many others.


Founded in 1998 with  around 1000 employees,Exadel brings deep expertise in digital transformation, developing enterprise software and tech solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It is headquartered at Walnut Creek, United States.The firm has the dedicated resources to produce successful business results. Exadel serves industries like – Healthcare, Financial Services , E-commerce and Retail Enterprise Services, Developing mission-critical software and mobile applications , Providing QA, automation, and testing services for application development

Key services and portfolio-integration of middleware | SOA portals rich UIs open source development tools | mobile development tools | software development enterprise services | DevOps Extended &amp. Dedicated Teams Big Data &amp Analytics. QA automation &amp testing IoT application support. UX/UI product development enterprise mobile development IT staff augmentation | PaaS SaaS healthcare tech solutions financial services tech solutions.

Offices– US Offices- Walnut Greek, Boulder | Belarus Offices- Gomel, Grodno, Minsk, Vitebsk | Lithunia Offices- Klaipeda, Vilnius | Poland Offices- Warsaw, Szezein, Bialystock | Russia Offices- Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg | UK Offices- Kharkov, Vinnytsia.

Major clients– UBS, Microsoft, Mckesson, Memorycast, Dun&bradstreet, GHX, Verifone, Nep, Fare, Spyder, Bcycle, Fanatics, Boltsups, Brightstores, Dolbango, Sack International, Crude, Fake  Stockin Childern, Seacs, Sili, Cleanin tree, Jacks, Gro The Technology, Global tranz and many others.


Founded in 2004 with more than 200 employees,TeleSoftas has been creating an environment where excellence, creativity and initiative can thrive.It is headquartered at Kaunas,Lithuania. They are a globally operating company of close to 300 people across offices in Kaunas, Vilnius, Zurich, Dubai and recently San Francisco. The firm provides  consulting and product engineering services for clients from around the globe: from well known brands such as the Smithsonian, BBC, Ferrari, and Aon.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile app development | iOS. Android. VR. Web&amp| Mobile development | Javascript. PHP. JAVA | Full stack development. QA. Project Management | Interactive e-books solutions | Software Development Services. Product engineering solutions. AI. Software Engineering Services.

Offices– USA Office- San Francisco | Lithuania Office- Vilnius | Switzerland Office- Zurich | UAE Office- Dubai.

Major clients– Photoplanner, Viaggio Rosso,, Jacobs & Co, Morphean, Yellow Dog, AON, Viavi, Deeme, Westwing,  Freer Sackler, Hour Of the wolf, Traffic Alarm, Free Sackler, Meditation and many others.

Soft Teco

Founded in 2008 with more than 200 employees,SoftTeco provides a broad range of businesses worldwide with custom software development services.It is headquartered at Minsk, Minsk Province. The team consists of over 70 programmers, project managers, quality advocates and smartphone app developers .They work on various projects different in scope and technologies.Soft teco has got various prestigious awards like Best It Companies Awards,Accelerance Awards, Amazon web Services Awards, HTP Awards, Microsoft Partner Network Awards.

Key services and portfolio-Custom Software Development | Java Platform (Java EE, Spring Framework Google AppEngine) | Mobile Software Development (iOS, Android, BlackBerry) Erlang Integration | Open-Source Solutions (LifeRay, Magnolia CMS, Alfresco) Rapid Software Development.

Offices– Belarus Office- Minsk | Lithuania Office- Vilnius.

Major clients–  Evernote, BSB Bank, Mobistar partner, Raiffesen Bank, Mamba, WSP, Marbles Tower Defence,Clivero, Asset Unity, Emplada, Callnote, Europe Puzzle, Uptown Network, Bridges, Multichat, Rond Lab, Fuel Finder, Aport Meekamoo and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 200 employees,Mediapark was founded  with an aim to build modern and easy-to-use web and mobile solutions.  It is headquartered at Vilnius ,Lithuania.The firm has expanded its team of experienced and passionate people working in Lithuania, Belarus and Kaliningrad. Mediapark consists of a well arranged passionate and dedicated employees working day and night for customer  satisfaction.We develop professional solutions for industry leaders and startups. Their aim is to build powerful and result focused websites, apps and systems that are modern and easy to use.

Key services and portfolio-Custom software Mobile technologies | IT solutions for Gambling Mobile apps | Custom web solutions development. IT security audit Database design and optimization High load multi threaded application | API development integration Middle-ware and unified gateways.

Offices– Lithuania offices- Vilnius,  Kaunas | Russia Office- Kalininggrad | Belarus Office- Minsk.

Major clients– Bayer bayer, Beeline, Bloombees, Busy,,  Jump, Lebara, Telia, Ulmart.Ru. Vodafone, ADC, Caffeine, Citrus, Danska bank, Clean Guru, Draudimas,.IT, Elektro Markt, INK, Kalnapilis, NKN, Ellex Valiunas, Login Vilnius, LRT, MV, Litgrid, Smallplanet, Spark, SynGenta Topo, Zali, ZZZ and many others.

Melior Games

Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees, Melior Games is game development outsourcing company in.It is headquartered at  Vilnius, Lithuania. They provide full cycle game development services in all major areas of game development that cover game design, art design (2d and 3d), animations & programming.The firm now targets Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows Phone,XBox, Windows, Mac OS, as well as website integration. Melior Games had a great leap forward, due to our adoption of Unity3D for cross-platform applications and games. Today Melior Games is proud of 100+ successfully completed projects, has a strong team of game development specialists.

Key services and portfolio– Mobile App Development | Unity3d Android iOS | Game Development Outsourcing.

Offices- UK Office- Kiev, Lithuania Office- Vilnius.

Major Clients-Ripples, Pattern pong, Courage Mob ile Game, UPT, Football Tycoon, We lopet, Laser Tagpro Terminal, Become, Jelly Racing, Astrolords, Circlum and many others.

Indeform Ltd

Founded in 2013 with more than 50 employees, Indeform ltd love challenges and solving problems, and  know that great ideas start from a great plan. It is headquartered at  Kaunas, Lithuania.The company  bring the decision-makers visually appealing solutions for presenting any complex data.The company offers deep expertise in the following areas: Technologies like • Multi-platform Desktop/Web/Mobile solutions • SaaS, Cloud based platforms development • Data visualization Interactive like • Interactive AR/VR applications and platforms .The other areas of operation are• Digital Graphics and 3D Visualizations • 2D/3D animation

Key services and portfolio-Graphics Programming Interactive products | Interactive customizers Computer Vision &amp Image processing | OpenGL Digital 2D/3D Graphics and Animation 3D. Visualizations 360 .Videos 360 Rendering .Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality Data Visualization.

Offices– Lithuania Office- Kaunas.

Major clients– Easy Build, Troupe, Greensmith, Seal Navitas and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees, Nordcode offers creative and effective Digital Solutions to companies focused on growth .It is headquartered at Vilnius,Lithuania.  The company  has executed numerous digital projects of various kinds. Nordcorde philosophy is focused on offering a 360° degree approach to problem solving. Their major areas of operation are Website Design & Development,Full analysis of partner’s needs Detailed site-map and rapid-prototypes, Creative layout design using UI/UX solutions Mobile-friendly websites.The other areas includes E-commerce development, Full analysis of daily business operations, A fully tailored e-commerce platform to best suit  business needs, Mobile e-commerce solutions ,Advice on the best marketing tools .

Key services and portfolio-Web development | E-commerce development | Mobile development. Custom development.

Offices– Lithuania Office- Vilnius.

Major clients– Invest Lithuania, Medicinos, Bankas, Mano Bustar, Siemen Arena, Obyava, Penlas, Ozas,15 Mint.It, Auto Plius, Orakulas, Finasta, Shopspy, Auga, LDM App, Adrauda.IT and many others.


Founded in 2005 with more than 50 employees,Xplicity“ is an innovative, creative and professional B2B application development centre. It is hjeadquartered at Kaunas ,Lithuania. They were established  by Dutch and Lithuanian entrepreneurs and from the very first start, developed challenging and unique projects like content driven collaborative editorial system, auction software. Having agility, open approach, creativity and a professional team results in the service quality meeting and exceeding partner’s expectations, which it considers the main goal and responsibility.  The main company’s competencies are unlocked through software development, computer systems designing and programming. Explicity teams  works with a full spectrum of programming languages like C#, JAVA, PHP, C++ as well as .NET Framework.

Key services and portfolio-Software development | Programming. Application development | Computer system design.

Offices– Lithuania Office- Kaunas.

Major clients– Login VSI, Login AM< Login PI, Sail Racer.Net, Migozino, Nannycay, Celot and many others.


Founded in 2016 with more than 10 employees, Visata is a software research and development outsourcing company It is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania . Their technical talent has the experience and expertise which provides the highest-quality software development services on time and on budget. Visata’s team of architects, developers, engineers, testers and designers knows the current and emerging technologies. Providing proper and accurate services on time , in budget is the first and foremost responsibility and work of the firm.

Key services and portfolio-BigData | SaaS ITSM CRM | Custom Software Development. Custom Hardware Development Software Integration Web Design. Refactoring Firmware Development.

Offices– Lithuania Office- Vilnius.

Major clients– OSOS, Parcel, AK, Simpity, Techspire, Belitsoft and many others.

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