Romania Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Romania
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a Romania based mobile app development company?

List of some of the Romania Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Founded in 2010 with more than 200 employees, Thinslices is a knowledgeable team specialized in turning innovative ideas into digital products through a predictive methodology. It is headquartered at Lasi,Romania.Working with knowledge-powered small steps helps to organize projects, as well as services. The phases of a digital product correspond with the four services that  providing – Zero to Product Design, Product Design to MVP, MVP to One, Knowledge and Expertise.

Keyservices and portfolio– Mobile Cloud Mobile Development. SaaS Web platforms and Web Strategy.

Offices– Romania Office- Lassi.

Major Clients- Camline, Gowdll, JonnyFresh, Bostontech &Res, Moleinani.

Halcyon mobile

Founded in 2005 with more than 200 employees, Halcyon is a well established mobile app development firm.It is headquartered at  Cluj Napoca,Romania.Halcyon Mobile partners with startups and brands to create amazing mobile experiences .They are a team with a personal approach that likes to build apps which  takes the firm to great heights.It uses various updated technologies to solve various complexities.Halcyon has won various awards like- MFWA, Appsters Awards, Google Play Awards,Mobile Awards Romania, Connes Lions Awards.

Keyservices and portfolio– Mobile software development Mobile app development Mobile UI/UX design. Backend development Mobile product development iOS development and Android development.

Offices- Romania Office-Cluj Napoca.

Major Clients- Smartup, Rtribe, Rightstaff, Red bull House, Lego System, LAS, Edge, Smth, Simian, Konversed, Pathgather and many others.

648 Group

Founded in 2004 with more than 50 employees,648 Group specializes in premium design and development of web and mobile solutions for innovative companies and organizations. It is headquartered at Bucharest,Romania. It offers premium creative services, web and mobile development and consulting services.They render value for  services providing 100%  customer satisfaction.

Keyservices and portfolio– web development web design mobile development (iphone/android). SaaS solutions and Consulting services.

Offices-US Office- Brookline | UK Office- London | California Office- Irrine | Romania Office- Bucharent.

Major Clients- Ford, Stream team Netflix, Grady, Samsub\ng, Farmers.hartsfeild Jackson, Edwards, ING, Marerick Signings, Dell, HeilBrice, Raiffesion Bank and others.

Intelligent bee

Founded in 2011 with more than 50 workers, Intelligent Bee is a  well known mobile app development firm. It is headquartered at Lasi,Romania.  Knowing Node.JS inside out is not enough for us.They are pride  on  their extensive experience with updated technoplogies like React.JS, Ruby on Rails, GO Lang, PHP/Symfony3+, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS, Heroku. Their Mission  is to improve the quality online by creating and maintaining web and mobile solutions that deliver significant value to their customers.

Keyservices and portfolio-Web Development Customer Support Software Development WordPress. Javascript jQuery PHP Symfony. MySql GIT Agile CSS Graphic Design. iOS REST Web Design. RoR GO and Node.js.

Offices– US Office- DElaware | Romania Office- Lasi.

Major Clients– kenapple, Sendgrid, Grapefruit, Newton, Pellio, Study enjoy, Event cloud, Grapecity, OMI, Edata Source, Afterhills, Imemento.

Digital Krikits LLC

Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees, Digital Krikits LLC is a digital firm delivering  quality-driven Native App Development studio, catering to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their presence in the growing mobile marketplace. It is headquartered at Bucharest,Romania. They provide various solutions like – Experienced Mobile programmers for iOS and Android devices, Front and backend development solutions, Access to our highly talented graphic designers, Transparency in all aspects of development, Technical Support following launch of product, Complete confidentiality.

Keyservices and portfolio– iOS App Development Mobile UI/UX Design Quality Assurance Testing. Android App Development and Backend/ Web Development.

Offices- Romania office-Bucharest.

Major Clients- Talk to Tucker, Ribbet, Nest, Evolve, FullFitness and many others.


Founded in 2011 with more than 50 employees,  Mready is the place where great mobile apps are being tailored to fit the exciting visions of both startups and companies. It is headquartered at  Bucuresti, Romania. They use mobile strategy consultancy, design and development services  helping  their clients reach new horizons in the era of mobile technologies.

Keyservices and  portfolio– Android App Development iOS App Development. Mobile Marketing Consultancy VOD & Video Streaming solutions QR Promotional Campaign iPhone App Development. mCommerce solutions Mobile App Development Mobile App Design and Mobile App UI & UX.

Offices- Romania Office- Cluj Napoca.

Major Clients- Kfc, Cocacola, How to web, KPMG, Tarom, Tudor, Auto Pro, Unlock Unit, Niwali,Paul, Mareca, 7Cards and many others.

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