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Top mobile app developer in San Diego
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a San Diego based mobile app development company ?

List of some of the San Diego Top Mobile App Developers in California | Top Android and iOS App Developers in San Diego

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Founded in 2008 with more than 200 employees,From San Diego to Seattle the company designs and develops top websites and mobile applications for growing startups and enterprises. The firm is headquartered at  San Diego, United States.It is positioned as an industry-leading mobile and digital agency on the forefront of technology.The team specializes in full-stack development and  expertize in user experience design, web apps, and mobile apps.  Seamgen works with brands across a wealth of different verticals including Healthcare, Hospitality, and Automotive. The company has won various prestigious  Awards  like  Inc. 500 list and made San Diego Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” three years in a row. Most recently, the firm became a Xamarin preferred partner for cross-platform development, and launched the first Xamarin User Group in San Diego.

Key services and portfolio-Web App Development | Web Design, Mobile App Development | HTML5. Xamarin Development. UX Design| Beacons| UI Design, Healthcare Software| Custom software development| Javascript / Angular / React| Branding. iOS Development. Android Development| Digital Strategy.

Offices– US Offices- San Diego, Colorado.

Major clients– KIA, Viasat, Oracle, Seaworld Racks & entertainment, Blue of California, Mivo, Lytx, Aladdin, Aldera, Buffini, Full Measure, AX Mentor, Furlocity, Schhol day, Include Fitness, Mgm Resorts, Ledcor, Rocketing, Cuso Financial, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Samsung, Cisco, Cigma, Intel, Boeing, Mattel, Oracle, Lamarin and many others.



Founded in 2011 with more than 50 employees,Bitcot is a full service application development technology company.They pride themselves in being a company that codes rapidly.The firm is headquartered at San Diego,United States. It believe in taking great ideas to reality and help launch great businesses and   designs, develop top websites and mobile applications for startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises. The firm has won various prestigious awards like- Awards Winners of Plantronics worldwide , winners-2015-plt-120000342,Winners of San Diego’s top most Innovation Product or service 2015.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile App Development| iOS App Development. Android App Development| SAAS Platforms. Cloud Deployment and Integrations | QA Automation.Complex Web Platform Development| Design for Web & Mobile.

Offices– US Office- San Diego.

Major clients– Dicks, Oversee.Net, Ocean House Media, Plantronics, Stomp, Alpine, Stomp, Golog, Acts, Planetcar, Springcast, To be wise, Mention my biz, Asu, OCR Translate, My Proxy Fox, To Do For U and many others.


Hey Payless

Founded in 2009 with more than 200 employees,Hey Payless put themselves in your shoes, align approach to objectives bringing true results on table. It is headquartered at San Diego, United States.They have the culture of respect and honesty for each other, their expertise and clients. HeyPayLess is a creative technology agency crafting awesome digital platforms, products, and integrated experiences driven by passion and smart innovation.

Key services and portfolio-Enterprise Web Application| Custom Software Development |Ideas into Products. Web Design &amp. Development| Mobile App Solutions |Industry-Specific Application Development.Technology Consulting. Startup Innovation Lab.

Offices– US Offices- San Diego, Maryland.

Major clients- Microsoft, Duns Registered , Google, Samsung, Dell Emr, Deserving Health, CEO, Kia, Silsbeckia, Tfl, QSP, Millward Agency, Compass, William Srdm, Tsn and many others.


Dog and rooster

Founded in 2000 with more than Dog and Rooster are a web design and development company teeming with talent, extended know-how and nearly two decades of solid experience. It produces and delivers user interfaces and web applications, no matter how complex the vision or idea. It is headquartered at San Diego, United States. From brand planning to multi-channel digital platforms their advanced skill set spans the spectrum. They are the David with Goliath-sized web expertise, allowing to work smarter and more efficiently than our competitors.

Key services and portfolio-Web Application Development |Mobile Application Development. User Interface Design. SEO| Web Design.Content Management System| E-Commerce Development. Business Applications| User Experience Design. Corporate Support| Internet Marketing. Branding.

Offices– US Offices- San Diego.

Major clients– JB Wedges, OJB, Shanahan on literally, Dawn sign press, Active On, Bespoke, La Joela, Peter Grimm, I wallet, Tradeskool. 3D Motive, Hoop 24 seren, 5 North Media, Her Fit Club, Granite Gold and many others.


Barefoot Solutions

Founded in 2005 with more than 50 employees, Barefoot Solutions is an innovative custom web and mobile application development company. It is headquartered at San Diego, United States. Building software their original focus was custom web application development but they quickly incorporated mobile application development as soon as the very first iPhone was released. As a pioneer in mobile application development, Barefoot Solutions has gained a strong foothold and reputation in the web and mobile development industry. Barefoot Solutions has been contracted to work with Government Agencies, like the Department of Homeland Security, large corporations, such as, and lean start-ups . In addition, they are often contracted to do the “heavy lifting” of some of the larger high end design agencies.With their seasoned team of in-house user experience experts, graphic designers, developers and marketing experts, Barefoot Solutions has established impeccable software development processes and standards.

Key services and portfolio-Web Development| Database Design| Web Design. Web Marketing. iPhone Development| Android Development. PHP Development| Graphic Design.

Offices– US Office- San Diego.

Major clients– Price Patrol, Samsung, Salesforce , Clark, Sennheisen, Stanford Healthcare, Sanesys, Nuspine, IOM, Hoist, Antego, Gannett, C, VAVI, Sharp, Lerdy & Rose, Intermedix, Delight, Aralara, Clark,  Emerge, Sweet Pix, Blue Skynetwork, Chefworks, Nuspine and  many others.

Treeline Interactive

Founded in 2004 with more than 50 employees,Their dedicated team of award-winning developers, designers, engineers, and strategists build mobile apps and wearables, solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).It is headquartered at San Diego, United States. It includes hardware, and complex web applications. They work with industry-leading companies in fields like medical devices, beauty, action sports, logistics, and entertainment. Unique solutions require unique individuals, and we have attracted the best. Our team is willing to do almost anything to make an impact.

Key services and portfolio-Interactive| Hardware Development| Internet of Things.Web App Development. IoT Development| Website Development. Mobile Apps| iPhone App Development. Android App Development.

Offices- US Office- San Diego.

Major clients–  Landmark Aviation, mountain High, x Games, Sense 4 baby, Discover Torrance, West Foundation, 204146, The nature Conservancy, KCC, We, Squaw Valley, Lakeside Inn, Gilisun, The Summit, Viacom, Calavie, Nest Label, Evernote pokki, Go Fast Cab, FX Luminaire, Ex Treme Music, Sierra, Blue Sky Network, MGM grand, Moutachette, North Star, Snow park Technologies, Reflexion Health and many others.


Founded in 2009 with more than 500 employees, ISBX team has fostered a strong family. It is headquartered at Los Angeles, California.They offer a full range of interactive marketing and technology services, and build apps and websites for variety of funded startups as well as some of the largest retail. Their team consists of 60  software services division and over 150 individuals in our business processes outsourcing division.The firm has won various prestigious awards like-INC 500 Awards,Los Angeles Business Journal awards, ADC Awards, The Webby Awards, Mobile World Congress Awards.

Key services and portfolio-Web Development  | Mobile Application Development Search Engine Optimization.Business Process Outsourcing.

Offices–  California Office- Los Angeles | Philippines Office-  Metro Manila.

Major Clients-Sony pictures Home, Science 37, Loreal Paris, WB, Apple, Lexus, Direct Derm, Arthritis Foundation, ABC, NBC, Honda,JVC, Ribbon, Edelbrock,Pasco and many others.



Founded in 2012 with more than 200 employees, Cleveroad is a well known  mobile and web development firm. It is headquartered at Dhipro, Ukraine.They believe in collaboration with customers in order to work business requests effectively.The company has a team of quality, skilled professionals attaining cooperation with business segment,daring startup,and dealing private clients. Cleveroad specializes in -In house team, Technology Stack, User focused process, Smooth Communication,High quality code, Transparency. Their team does care about the final outcome and help customers to smoothly hit it off and is always intended for productive long-term business relationship.

 Keyservices and portfolio-mobile development | web development | outstaff services. ui design and ux design.

Offices- Ukraine Office- Dnipro | Uk Office- Manchester | Canada Office- Portagetre | USA Office- Los Angeles | Poland Office- Krakow | Belarus Office- Minsk.

Major Clients- BIzi, Dinamo Performan, Virgin Atlantic, CRYPTO AGENT, EVENTS, ecole, BORDUVA, ALSTOM, KRAT.BUSINESS, PAINT YOUR WORLD, NO LOGO,Time fun, INTIMEDELIVERY, Digital Donations, Spring Shine, Era estate, SWEET, MY Fitness, DARINATOUR and many others.


Founded in 2007, Fueled is a product-driven venture-development firm that works with a range of startups and big brands to create compelling, successful, award-winning apps and websites since 10 years . Their mission is to help entrepreneurs, whether solo or part of a thousand-person company, build and scale their business. They help people perfect and realize their visions for digital products.

Major clients – Conde Nast, , Crayola, Inlist, Ideeli, Ribbon, JackThreads, CharityBuzz,, Uniqlo, Vince Camuto, Copart,, ,, MTV, UrbanDaddy, Bulova, ICUC, , Kapture, Elevatr , Discovery Communications, HBO, Matchbook, Chatwala,Happify, QuizUp, Barneys, American Express

Key portfolio / services– iPhone Apps | Android Apps product design | Product development Web Design. venture capital Digital Product UI/UX UI UX. Technology Startup. Enterprise Consumer products

Offices – UK office- London  | USA offices – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

Key people – Rameet Chawla ( Mobile Archietect), Ryan Matzner ( Director, Business development ) , brian kaplowitz ( Head of operations ) , Yann Wanner ( Account manager lead)

Employees – 51 – 200.

Atro Studios

Founded in 2014 with more than  50 employees, Atro Studios is North America’s leading software agency in the manufacturing sector. Their team specializes in cloud-based solutions, machine learning, mobile and web development, and graphic design .  It is headquartered at San Diego, United States.The focus is making every client a raving fan and getting them the results they need to grow their business. Their team has the depth of expertise and computer science knowledge to maximize the power of big data for growing companies. It builds custom software solutions to meet the needs of each unique client.

Key services and portfolio-Web Development | Mobile Development. Cloud-based Solutions. Software Development.

Offices– US Office- San Diego.

Major clients-Drip, Infusion Soft, Salesforce pardot, Marketo,  Hub spot, Eloquo, Influitive, Act on and mnay others.

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