Serbia Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Serbia
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a Serbia based mobile app development company?

List of some of the Serbia Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Founded back in 2011  with more than 200 employees, Webelinx today represents a synonym for a creative idea that has grown and developed into a serious project.It is headquartered at Nis Serbia.Their trademarks are free-to-play mobile games and apps of top-notch performance.

Key services and portfolio-mobile developement games and apps for Android iOS and Windows devices casual free-to-play games.

Offices– Serbia office- Nis.

Major clients– my basket ball team, My Talking Beagle, Fantasy Journey, Panda Commander, Banana Island, Jewel Blast, Geography Quiz, Lucky Spin, Space Defence and many others.

Quantox Technologies

Founded  in 2006 with more than 200 employees,Quantox Technologies is well known mobile app development  company. The Company is headquartered at Belgrade,Serbia.It picks only the finest candidates and get them on board to assure outstanding programming services. The Firm believes in creation of fully responsive design, development of native mobile apps, full time server management and unique content writing.

Key services and portfolio-Web design Web programming Web development Mobile apps.

Offices- Serbia offices- Belgrade, Cacak, Kragujevac, Nis | Los Angeles Office-  Santa Monica.

Major clients– Internet fuel, Red Rabbit, Thai Homes, App Srabbit, Cookie Jarcrew, Chariyo, naomella, Sircle and many others.


Founded in 2005 with more than 50 employees, As a strong and resourceful company ZESIUM is dedicated to shaping software for mobile future through innovation, creativity.  It is headquartered at  Novi Sad, Serbia.The firm is completely inspired by the customer’s needs and expectations tailoring  services accordingly.

Key services and portfolio-software for mobile future. Internet of things.

Offices– Serbia Office- Novi Sad.

Major clients- Paragraflex,Quality house, Freescale, swisscom, Levi 9, Johndeeri Rti, Sunni, Duo, Inside, Gazprom, Esplan, Vive, Moja Banka, The Fligo, Who Speaks and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees,The company thinks as an end-to-end solution when it comes to creating software products. It is headquartered at  Novi sad,Serbia.The firm deals from inception phase to design, requirements and specifications to the actual development, testing and validation.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile development Web Development Design and Brand Identity. Backend Development Business Development in IT.

Offices– Serbia Office- Novi Sad.

Major clients– Cupris health, epicuri, Brand marketing agency, Meridian bet, Mpa media Partners asia and many others.

Probe & Query

Founded in 2014 with more than  50 employees, Probe & Query helps partners in a wide range of verticals — from B2C to B2G and from entertainment industry to UN agencies .It is headquartered at Belgrade,Serbia.Through extensive industry experience and its aspirations they combine digital product strategy, design and technology.

Key services and portfolio-UX/UI Web development . Online Strategies Online Marketing.

Offices– Serbia Office- Belgrade.

Major clients– Wacclim, Space 0, IWA, World health Organization,Geothe institute, Source, Top Eleven, The Source magazine and many others.

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