Sydney Top Mobile App Developers in New South Wales

Sydney Top Developers for Mobile Apps developers in New South Wales
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a Sydney based mobile app development company ?

List of some of the Sydney Top Mobile App Developers in New South Wales | Top Android and iOS App Developers in Sydney

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Zfort Gruop

Founded in 2000 with more than 200 employees, Zfort Group is a well established IT service Provider Company. It is headquartered at Kharkov, Ukraine. They are a reliable team offering full cycle software development solutions, starting from planning, executing, launching, and developing to sales. Their dedicated team comprises of 170 specialists worldwide. Zfort Group provides creative design, quick planning along with proper presentation. The firm has clients from small to large sized companies. HORIZON interactive award,  Webmaster award, Business Award 2009, Mar com Award, FWA Award are some of the prestigious awards owned by the firm. They primarily focus on the following areas: PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, UI/UX Design, HTML/CSS, Quality Assurance, iOS.

Key services and portfolio-Web design & development Consulting. B2B solutions Custom website. eCommerce Mobile applications. Audit and consulting Analysis and research. Specification documents development Maintenance and support. QA and bugfixing Offshore Development Teams. and IT Out staffing

Offices- Ukraine Office-Ukraine | United Kingdom Office- Australia.

Major Clients- NIKE, Sotheby’s, Abode, Seagate, NFL, Henkel, CISCO, WaltDisnep, Ford, P&G.

UStwo Studios

Founded in 2004 with more than 500 employees, UStwo is a renowned digital company enabling smart service towards its clients and Customers. It is headquartered at UK, London. The Company has a group of extremely talented and experienced workers who help in proper utilization of resources along with profitization. They own partnership with various big brands from New York, Malmö, London and Sydney. It is an award winning firm rendering the most beautiful interactive entertainment services with better collaboration..UStwo mainly focuses on launching ventures, shipping products, and investing in startups. The company has centered its cultural values enabling the ambitions of 250 more talented clients thereby delivering excellent outcomes.

Key services and portfolio-Interaction Design User Interface Design. Development and Service Design.

Offices-United Kingdom Office- London | Sweden Office- Malmo | United states Office- New York | Australia Office- Sydney.

Major Clients- SkyBirds, GoogleCardboard, NBC Sprout, ADDIDAS GO, HARVEY NICHOLES, ANDRIOD WEAR.


Founded in 2008 with more than 50 Staffs, Gomeeki is a Digital Technology Company delivering every type of digital solutions.  It is headquartered in Sydney, NSW. They are masters in solving complex customer’s acquisition, retention and various engagement challenges.BRW Award, Amia Winner 2014, 2015 App Design Award (Gold Winner), App Store Award are various worthy achievements won by the firm. Their experienced team of workers believes loyalty in rendering innovative products & services. Gomeeki primarily focuses on customer identity management, mobile valets, Mobile Cloud Platform services, Real time API. The other areas of operation include mobile app strategy, UX& UI Consultancy and multi platform development.

Key services and portfolio-Platform & Innovation Thinking Customer Intelligence. Digital technology integration and deployment Messaging Solutions. (Push SMS, eDM) and Cloud Solutions.

Offices- Australia Office- Sydney | Thailand Office- Bangkok.

Major Clients- ASN, Origin, BroncosBrisbane, Health Partners, Australian TurfClub.


Founded in 1999 with around 500 employees, Sentia is well established IT Company with 100% guaranteed solutions.” We Do We guarantee “remains the ultimate goal and objective of the company.It is headquartered at Utrecht,UT. The firm helps in solving various critical IT Outsourcing, private and public Cloud Solutions and also provides technical application support to various organizations. Setia focuses on Managed Application Continuity for leading publishers & media company’s retailers, not-for-profit and health organizations. They are partnered as a Managed Service Program Partner of Amazon Web Services. Sentia is certified according to ISO 27001, 14001, 9001, NEN 7510 and has an ISAE 3402 Type II statement. It renders quality DTAP process, secures data, enabling 24\7 services  believing in philosophy like Driven in Continuity.

Key services and portfolio-Mission Critical Applications ICT outsourcing. Private Cloud Platforms Design and management of AWS platforms. Cloud Computing Managed Hosting Managed Application Continuity and Application Management.

Offices- Swedan Office-Netherlands | Europe Offices- Netherlands, Belgium.

Major Clients- Achmea, Robobank, saxo, Pizzahut, Central pouint, Carrefour, Ole&steen, Deliotte Digital, FocusCura, Sweco and Sanoma.


Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees, Appsquare is mobile app development having creative atmosphere to work with. They are headquartered at South Wales, Australia. It offers latest advancement techniques that enable clients to achieve excellent return on investment of their project. They primarily focus on Security, Scalability, and Stability standards with all software developments programmers. The company comprises of hardworking and experienced workers.  Appsquare has worked  on various platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, blackberry, windows, and HTML 5 hybrid.The firm has more than 140 expert mobile app developers along with experience of  400+ apps.

Key services and portfolio-  Apps & Games Development and Test and Quality Assurance.

Offices- Australia Office- Paramatta.

Major Clients- Vodafone, JOBPAC, Phzer, GeneralPants Co, SAATCHI & SAATCHI, MOITS, WHIZZ, K &L GATES, ARROWFEILD.


Founded in 2015 with more than 50 employees, Nyblecarft is a leading mobile app development company. It is headquartered at Sydney, New South Whales. It  renders vast solution and services to their clients. The firm primarily focuses on maximum utilization of resources thereby delivering outstanding results. They have experienced, hardworking and dedicated staffs working day and night for 100% customer satisfaction. NybleCraft has extreme control and guidance on mobile embedded and cloud solutions across various platforms like iOS, Android, Window Mobile and Blackberry . App Design Award 2015 ( Gold Winner) are the prestigious awards won by the  company for its tremendous results. 

Key services and portfolio- iOS app&game development (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Tv, MFi) Android app&game development (tablet, phone, TV. embedded software development Cloud Foundry IoT. Software development outsourcing and Mobile games.

Offices- Australia Office- Sydney | Belarus Office- Minsk.


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