Uruguay Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Uruguay
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Do you want to develop a mobile application from a Uruguay based mobile app development company?

List of some of the Uruguay Top Mobile App Developers for Android and iOS

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Founded in 2008 with more than 200 employees,CodigoDelSur is a growing community the firm expands each year, welcoming on great new projects and clients.  It is headquartered at Montavideo, Uruguay. Their team is  biggest and greatest asset and they believe in having a professional, yet fun atmosphere to work in. Codigo delsur is composed of highly skilled software, web, and mobile app developers, who are excited to incorporate the latest technologies.

Key services and portfolio-Software Development Web application Java .NET iPhone Development iPad Development. Mobile Applications Development Game Development

Offices– Uruguay Office- Montevideo.

Major clients- Avon, Subway, Toymail, Lindara, Office Depot, Weer,  USG Logoworks, Antel, Bizness Apps, phoneix Global, The sullivan Group, Youplus, Compas, Geacpast, Bha, iogrid, Carrejun, Cortera, Pun Nub, Dream Sape Multimedia, Igraph, Blaychor, Rokkarlabs, Appra Cadara, Zoom International and many others.


Founded in 2007 with more than 200 employees,UruIT is a well established mobile app development company.The firm has highly skilled team of software engineers and designers .It is headquartered at Montevideo,Uraguay.The team is always passionate about creating successful digital products that provide users with meaningful experiences.  UruIt has worked with top industry leaders ranging from start-ups to established corporations.

Key services and portfolio-Nearshore Software Outsourcing Web apps Product Development NodeJS, Frontend Web Development. AngularJS User eXperience and Design ASP.NET Core and MVC.Mobile: Xamarin iOS and Android.

Offices-  Florida Office- Miami | California Office- Los Angelos | Uruguay Office- Montevideo | Colombia office- Medellin.

Major clients– Telecom portal makeover, management tool reimaginees, market reshearch Microsoft, PWC, Telefónica, Coca-Cola, KIA, Gongos, among many others.

Xmart Labs

Founded in 2012 with more than 50 employees, Xmart Labs is a product development firm that caters the demands of high-growth startups and forward-thinking companies. It i headquartered at Montevideo, Uruguay.The firm follows a lightweight process guided by agile principles to foster collaboration and flexibility. The passionate team is distributed between Montevideo, Uruguay and San Francisco. It offers end-to-end design and development services, from concept to launch.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Development – iOS Android Backend Development.  Ruby on Rails Startup Development UX/UI Design.

Offices– Uruguay Office- Montevideo.

Major clients– Hikola Tesla, Cipher Healthg, Nobly, Lynkos, Franklin, Local Loans and many others.


Founded in 2014 with more than 50 employees,Bixlabs develops software for startups and forward-thinking companies.It is headquartered at Montevideo, Uruguay. The firm develops  relationship with  customers important as product development, communication is fundamental in the projects success. Bixlabs leverage Latin American talent and latest technologies to build successful digital products.

Key services and portfolio-Angular.js Swift Node.js Android. Agile CordovaMobile App Development.

Offices– USA Offices- Texas, Houston | Uruguay Office- Montevideo.

Major clients– CBRE, RFMAX, L3 Technologies, Arbit, Digital Garage, Holocube, Chrysallis and many others.

December Labs

Founded in 2014 with more than 50 employees,December Labs builds better software, working with startups and growth companies to develop new applications, software, services and platforms.Our clients include large Enterprise companies, Silicon Valley’s top funded startups and companies building innovative web and mobile products.

Key services and portfolio-Software development iOS Android.Web Mobile.

Offices- Uruguay Office- Monte video

Major Clients– Databook, Sinq, Bio Strap, Rheo, Google,Accenture, Zurich, Santander, Hint, Nest, Biostrap, Apartment, Butler, Sing, databook, semtive and many others.

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