Terms and Conditions

-Members are only allowed to post their own notes. Any material that doesn’t belong to a member will be removed.

-Notebudd strives for high quality materials. Any material that has negative comments and/or low ratings will be removed after reviewing the material by our team.

- Members have to ensure that the notes’ descriptions match the content. If a description does not match the content of a note, the member will be notified to fix the issue. If the issue is not fixed, the note will be removed.

-PayPal is used at Notebudd to send payments. Notebudd will transfer members’ profits to their PayPal account associated with their Notebudd account. Members are responsible to provide their valid PayPal account. Notebudd is not responsible for any mistakes as payments will be sent to the PayPal account on our system.

For every note you sell, Notebudd charges 40% while 60% of the profit is transferred to the member’s PayPal.

- Notebudd does not allow inappropriate language and content.

- The terms and conditions are subjected to change. All members will be notified by email in case of any change.If at any point the terms are broken, members could be banned from Notebudd.

For more information, visit the FAQ page or feel free to contact us.