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Bizcell Solutions ( Bizcell ) started as a startup at Balasore , Odisha , India. At a time where there were many general marketplaces catering to all sorts of needs from development to translation services, Our founder thought there is a vacuum which needs to be filled up by a marketplace focused in only Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing services. The website was created and started writing blogs only in 2017 and eventually It was evolved and Officially released its highly sophisticated platform / marketplace in MAY, 2019. Thus, Bizcell started as a place where people or business posted App development projects including games developmenta and their Digital Marketing requirements and the companies made proposals. After its initial months, Bizcell evolved and shifted to become a leading app development companies directory fastly growing and becoming well-known among industry leaders. As of October 2019, we have noticed a significant growth and a lot of the companies asked for other services in their profile. This has prompted us to shift our focus from limited categories to much wider array of software and service related products with almost all types of IT and Business Services companies. As a result, Bizcell has now become a leading referral website for anyone looking for service providers in many related categories.

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