Top Mobile App Development Companies in Detroit | Michigan

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Detroit
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Detroit, Grand Rapids in the State of Michigan | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Detroit, Grand Rapids in the State of Michigan

Michigan Software Labs

Founded in 2010 with more than 200 employees,The purpose of Michigan Software Labs is to make iPhone and Android App development less intimidating. Michigan software Labs is headquartered at Michigan , United States. It is more accessible for organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. The company was founded on the basis that all companies. MichiganLabs is a software development company . It develops software for mobile, web, IoT, and embedded devices across a wide range of industries.

Key services and portfolio-iPhone App Development | Grand Rapids. Michigan. Android App Development Grand Rapids| Michigan. iPad App Development Grand Rapids| Michigan. Mobile App Development Grand Rapids| Michigan.

Offices– United States Office- Michigan.

Major clients– Cuarkhorse Dashboard, Apple TV Lobby App, Cart Logic, Radiometer America, My Parish, Bible Gateway, Meet up and eat Up, The Danie l Plan, Steelcase Inc and many others.

Octane Design

Founded in 2000 with more than  100 employees, Octane design is known  for our award-winning design.It is headquartered at Royal Oak, Michigan.The firms greatest accomplishment is  reputation for bringing hassle-free, effective, innovative ideas into practical application. They goal is to help clients speak with their audience, not at them. To that end, it also develops useful brands that share information with ease. It is  a full-service facility with the capability to meet  clients’ most modern needs.

Key services and portfolio-Identity &amp |Branding. Web Design| Mobile Apps| Print Design. Photography| Graphic Design.Copywriting and Editorial Services.

Offices- United States Office- Michigan.

Major clients– detroit website, Argus Worldwide, Detroit Magazine, Continental, Lawrence Hunt, Trichem website, The H Henoy Ford Magazine, Hudsonville Ice Cream, The guidance Center, V Suites, Tample Bay Visitors Guide, Salmon Report, Grand Haven Visitors Guide, Biggby  Coffee, Lifesecure, Degc, Grand Haven Website and many others.

Aqaba Technologies

Founded in 2004 with more than 100 employees, Aqaba Technologies has been developing digital web strategies, building online brands and managing  SEO campaigns for clients worldwide. It is headquartered at Sterling Heights, Michigan.  Their dedicated and experienced team provides  with outstanding web design and development to elevate the branding of business. This has been the goal since our inception more than a decade ago.The company founded on a principle of valuing our partners in business relationships.. We make it a point to collaborate with our clients during every phase of the project, but more importantly, we take a vested interest in the success of our client campaigns.

Key services and portfolio-SEO| Search Engine Optimization. Google| Pay Per Click |Yahoo. Search Engine| Advertising. Online| Web Design, Website.Web Development| Ecommerce. Social Media| Online Marketing| LinkedIn. Facebook. PPC| Mobile Advertising.Responsive Web Design.

Offices– United states Office- Michigan.

Major clients– Ziebart International, Malace HR, Media Lounge Production, Jordan Clarkson, Pari Robotics, Corporate Fleet services, La wash and amny others.

Grit Design

Founded in 2009 with more than 50 employees,Grit Design is a small shop with big agency talent built from the ground up with digital at its core.  It is headquartered at Detroit, United States. Our team of engineers, creative and strategists provides digital marketing, advertising, productivity and technology services ranging from mobile apps to e-commerce to social to SEO to SaaS and more. They believe that brilliant work comes from a never say die work ethic and unrelenting curiosity.

Key services and portfolio-SaaS |apps. web. mobile| design. ux| cms| digital. strategy. display| social digital images.

Offices– United States office- Michigan.

Major Clients- WPP, MRM, Ogilvyone, IPG,Organic, TPN and many others.

Commercial Progression

Founded in 2008 with more than 100 employees,Commercial Progression is focused on designing, developing, and supporting world-class Drupal powered websites. It is headquartered at Michigan ,United States. As an established Drupal consultant, they provide comprehensive web strategy and execution for all types of Drupal projects; higher education, manufacturing, nonprofit, healthcare, marketing, and e-commerce. It owns service clients from our local communities and nationally. They have also gained various certifications like- Goldman sacks, Drupal Association, Organization Member, Drupal Commece, Delivery Partner, Acquile, Hotjar and amny others.

Key services and portfolio-Drupal | Web Design. Support. Development. Hosting| Strategy. Consulting| SEO &amp. Marketing. Development, Maintenance| Marketing. Branding.

Offices– United States Offices- Michigan, Chicago.

Major clients-National Geographic Channels, ZF-TRW Automotive, and The University of Michigan. The Life Writer, Acromag, Black Hawk, Cascade, Kettering, Simply Decks, Christmas Decor, American Decor, Health store,  Catalog, Bay Mills, Jetset, Global Tranz, Junxure, CK Coffee Keepers, Detroit Zoo, Galaxie Corporation, Route One, DZR Shoes, Cen, Cryphon Gear and many others.

Teal Media

Founded in 2009 with more than 100 employees,Teal Media is a full-service creative agency with a conscience. It is headquartered at Michigan, United States. They pour every ounce of our passion and skill toward  success because we too, want the world to be a better place. It believes purposeful design can transform organizations, inspire action, and enable progress.  The company has a  team of highly experienced and dedicated employees. Together it crafts solutions that are rooted in research, speak to your brand, engage your audience, and are easy for you to maintain and evolve as you grow.

Key services and portfolio-web design | web development. new media strategy |information architecture. user experience. social media. HTML emails| banner/ad design. print design .identity design. branding, mobile.

Offices– United States offices- Washington DC, Michigan.

Major clients- Rewire, AFL Cio, Wellstone Action, Greenpeace, Everytown, Stophate, ICRW, LU,  Henry ford health system, The New Republic, Mobile Commons, Ashoka, Political Parity, The Dailouge, Planned Parenthood Action Ford, Altarum Institude, Vianoro, Network for good,  The Future Project and many others.

Kaleidico Digital Marketing

Founded in 2003 with more than 100 employees, Kaleidico provides a full range of digital marketing strategies and services.  It is headquartered at Michigan ,United States.Their online marketing campaigns helps to innovative companies build responsive communities. The digital marketing customers range from Fortune 500 companies to aggressive, funded startups. Whether it is an established company pivoting or a lean startup launching, Kaleidico Digital Marketing creates and execute an online marketing campaign to reach target customers.  Avoid substituting web design and social media for digital marketing strategy. Kaleidico builds marketing platforms that gives us consistent lead generation. The firm brings to successful digital marketing plans: Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Video Marketing and many more.

Key services and portfolio-internet marketing| digital marketing. lead generation. social media marketing| financial services marketing| online marketing. email marketing| online PR. video production. video marketing. social media monitoring .content marketing. copywriting.

Offices- United States Office- Michigan.

Major clients– Lenderful, Lead Nurturing Campaign, Custom Publisher Website, Advertising Campaigns, B2B Marketing, Facebook Ads, Saleslead, Mortgage Calculator and many others.

List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Detroit, Grand Rapids in the State of Michigan for StartUPs  | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Detroit, Grand Rapids in the State of Michigan for StartUPs

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