Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vancouver | Canada

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vancouver
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Vancouver in Canada | Top Mobile App Developers in Vancouver in Canada.


Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees, Digi117 is a Vancouver-based provider of top software development consulting and staffing solutions for short- and long-term project needs.  It is headquartered at Vancouver, British Columbia. Whether the goal is to replace and upgrade legacy software system, build from scratch or re-tool an existing application the firm helps to build a highly productive and efficient software development team .Gigi117 offers an innovative Pay As You Play model that allows clients to avoid expensive long-term IT recruiting contracts.

Key services and portfolio-IT Consulting| Software Engineering.

Offices- Canada  Office- Vancouver.

Major clients–  Neustar, Northern Trust, Travian, Video Medicine, Skination, Fido, Lucey Fund, CDW, Mitsubishi and many others.


Founded in 2007 with around 500 employees, Appnovation is a global Digital Solutions and Managed Services provider, delivering strategy, application development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies.  It is headquartered at Vancouver,  Canada. Appnovation’s in-house experts strategize, build, and deploy high-performing, secure digital experiences across many industries, with 24/7 support and maintenance. The firm boasts an impressive, cross-industry client roster ranging from Start-Ups to Fortune 500, government entities, nonprofit organizations and beyond. Since its inception in 2007, Appnovation has worked with hundreds of clients, delivering thousands of projects, achieving international recognition for development, innovations, and business success.

Key services and portfolio-Web Development| Drupal Development. iOS Development| Alfresco Development. SproutCore Development| Mobile Development. Sencha Development| HTML5 Development. MuleSoft| Windows 8 App Development.

Offices– US Offices- Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco | UK Office- London, Cardiff | Canada Offices- Montreal, Saint John, Vancouver | Netherlands Office- Utrecht |  Belgium Office- Antwerp, Ghent | Netherlands Office- Utrecht | China Office- Hong Kong.

Major clients– 1800 Got Junk, Memorial, Abbvie, Advil, Google, Kobo, Jump, Intel, Infowrap, Age MD, Aim, Ameren, American Express, Athabasca University, Avalere, Bart, BBC, blue wolf, British Columbia, Broadsoft, Canadian Caver Society, Cargoh, Celebrities For, Cantrall, CGA, Crain Daiwa, Chipotle and many others.

FreshWorks Studio

Founded in 2014 with more than 50 employees, Freshworks Studio is a family of innovators, creators, and engineers, come together from different cultures and countries. It is headquartered at Victoria, British Columbia. A place where the team is free to experiment with the coolest, most cutting-edge technology.A company that is sharing its passion and expertise to help others thrive in the digital future.A community that creates smart and elegant mobile applications, seamless product strategies, responsive web applications, and story-driven user experiences for bold entrepreneurs. By following the agile methodology and planning principals, FreshWorks has an impressive record of delivering exceptional mobile apps on time and within budget. The quality of deliverables and closely collaborating with clients are the main drivers of success. Clients are encouraged to pop in or call to chat to see the latest builds for feedback. They collaborate with clients and share what they have learned in discussions and offer great enhancements or additions to their vision. The firm strongly believes in building partnerships versus contractor relationships.  FreshWorks has had tremendous success in delivering projects and has been ranked one of the top ten mobile development firms in Canada and Douglas Magazine 10 to Watch 2017 winners.  The company is featured by the likes of the Daily Hive, CTV Vancouver Island, Times Colonist, BC Tech Strategy, BC Gov News and the University of Victoria.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile apps| iOS. User Interface| Web. Android| UI. UX| Responsive  Apps.

Offices– UK Office- Victoria |  Canada Office- Vancouver.

Major clients-  City of Victoria, HarbourAir Seaplanes,, LiveCare, CGI, Sierra Systems, Quartech, Varshney Capital Corporation, Healing Hub, Ministry Of forests Lands & Natural Resouce, Operation, Wat Vancouver and many others.

TwoTall Totems

Founded in 2010 with more than 100 employees, TwoTall Totems is a premium software team specializing in designing and developing mobile apps (iOS and Android), complex websites, and enterprise software.  It is headquartered at Vancouver, Canada. The firm combines a design-first philosophy with deep expertise in sophisticated communications, security, and web services. It develops beautiful and effective software for enterprise customers, and for entrepreneurs looking to build their dreams. Two tall totems are approachable, skilled, artistic, and even a bit nerdy.

Key services and portfolio-mobile applications| mobile software| IOS| Android. enterprise software. web development. UX design. UI design.

Offices– Canada Office- Vancouver.

Major clients– All-Star Team, Multi Discipline, Ready to go,, Sengled, Revols, Harbour Air, Yenvana, City of Surrey, Mojio, Argos IOT, Beamm, and many others.

AY Technologies

Founded in 2016 with more than 100 employees, A Y Technologies helps key decision makers of a software project make better decisions by making the software development uncomplicated. It is headquartered at Vancouver, Canada. Understanding each moving part and how that impacts the overall project will give them the insight to reduce the risks of the project. Using a unique approach to software development, and agile processes it can deliver projects on time and on budget. This enables us to increase the success rate of software projects. In today’s fast-paced environment, everyone is trying to get faster and faster. In software development, this approach is resulting in projects that start without the clear picture of the goals and the scope of the projects. This leads to failures for the project and the companies involved in it. They believe these type of failures are easily preventable if the projects are slowed down to start and planned accordingly.  The firm has a  dedicated team of senior engineers and architects that have been developing software for more than 15 years.  Managing teams and projects throughout their career showed them how timely decisions can make teams more effective and projects successfully. It understands Usability, User Experience Design, Customer Journey and related factors that are usually missed in by technology firms.  Y technology understands Scalability, Performance, and Security and have helped startups with their strategy, approach and implementations.

Key services and portfolio-UX Design| Web Applications. Mobile Apps. Integrations| UI Design. React| ReactNative. Dropwizard| Java. Google Cloud Platform| Amazon AWS.GCP| REST APIs.

Offices– Canada office- Vancouver.

Major clients- Bow Cow, Business Card Caddy App, Sorat, Discover Canada Tours, Biba Play Tracker, Rockstart W3 Solutions & Salesforce and many others.


Founded in 2009 with more than 50 employees, Pioneers are an award-winning web & mobile development studio in Vancouver that delivered 50+ successful web & mobile applications. It is headquartered at Vancouver, Canada. The company works with established businesses and ambitious startups creating high-value web applications, iOS apps. And the best industry practices It offers expertise in Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Android, iOS development User experience and user interface design Product strategy, digital marketing.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile development |iOS development. Web development| Android development |User interface.Product strategy.

Offices-Canada Office – Vancouver.

Major clients– Flowmail, Prosmart, UBC, WorkeRise, Progress, Gamesheet inc, Get The booth, Hootsuite Media Inc, Seaspan, Tedx, Pocket Book, Navarik, ViVa 10.23, AOS, Bild list Platform, V, and many others

Dynamic Leap

Founded in 2008 with more than 50 employees, Dynamic Leap is a custom software development company in Vancouver. It is headquartered at Vancouver, Canada. They have a long history of designing and building amazing experiences for iOS, Android, Responsive Web, MacOS, and Wearables. They are a  team of industry-leading experts who create apps, products, and service solutions using cutting-edge technology to help the business succeed. They understand the requirements for businesses to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving digital world and take pride in helping create the experiences that clients dare to dream. They love finding creative solutions to any challenge in front of us, and the more complex the better.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile App Development| iOS – iPhone.iPad.iPod Touch| tvOS.Apple Watch| Android. HTML5.

Offices- Canada Office- Vancouver.

Major clients- Share smart, FreshGrade, Shot Lister, Philips, Health Authority, UBC, Guitar, Nobel Biocare, Mogo, Dans Farber, and many others.

App Scoop

With more than 50 employees, App-Scoop is a Canadian based technology company that offers full-service development and consulting for mobile app and web-based solutions. It is headquartered at Vancouver, British Columbia. At App-Scoop we provide value in everything we do for our clients. We do not do anything halfheartedly, instead, we are passionate and committed to finding the best solution. We know what will work best for our customers, and how it can be all done in a revenue-positive way. We are highly experienced and specialized software artisans to take your business to the next level with custom software development.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile App Development |Custom Web Applications| Custom Development. Consulting. iOS Development |Native Apps. Hybrid Apps| Web Apps. Web Solutions| Startups. Android App Development.

Offices- Canada Offices- Toronto, Vancouver.

Major clients–  Start-up grader, Hop on, Ambitionary, My Vision Board, Aim Coaching, Aaram shop, Stone X Cam and many others.

Essential Designs

Founded in 2008 with more than 50 employees, Essential Designs is a custom software developer and has been building custom mobile and web-based apps since 2008.  It is headquartered at Vancouver,  British Columbia. They have trusted application developers with a wide range and depth of experience in custom built products. The company can take a concept, choose the right coding and software solutions, and produce a finished product for clients. The company builds Apps that make workflow easier and more convenient, boost efficiency, solve problems, manage and allow access to large databases, add accountability, and improve the bottom line. Key to success is the ability to work with clients through their vision of what they need their application to accomplish and understanding their constraints. Essential Designs have built hundreds of apps for the industry, education, large and small businesses, and successful entrepreneurs.

Key services and portfolio-web development| programming. database. CMS |Application Development. App Development. Responsive Design| Mobile App Development| Android App Development. Apple App Development| Web App Development. ios App development. Web Application Development.

Offices– Canada Offices- Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver.

Major clients- HoneyWell, BC hydro, Helijet, Telus, Fernie, Teck, British Colombia, VSB and many others.


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