Top Mobile App Development Companies in Washington DC

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Washington DC
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Washington DC  | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Washington DC.

DMI Digital Management

Founded in 2002 with around 5000 employees, DMI is in a revolution of mindset, not just an evolution of technology. It is headquartered at  Bethesda, USA. At DMI, they help clients to navigate digital revolution by taking a human-centric mobile-first approach. The firm brings together the design thinking of a digital agency with the lean-agile delivery of a modern IT services partner. The company’s unique, integrated approach to mobility has resulted in dramatic growth of client base, which includes hundreds of Fortune 1000 commercial clients. The company was named one of the 2016 Top Workplaces in the Washington, DC area by The Washington Post and received Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power Award as one of the top 100 Private Job Creators in the US.

Key services and portfolio-Enterprise Mobility Solutions| Cybersecurity Solutions Strategic Consulting| Managed Mobility Services. Application Development| Big Data Insights Omni-channel Commerce| Mobile Brand and Marketing. IoT Customer Experience.

Offices- USA Offices- Bethesda, Arlington, Chicago, Cincinnati, Crystal City, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Reston, San Francisco, Silver Spring, Washington DC | India Offices- Pune, New Delhi | UK Office- London | Spain Office- Barcelona.

Major clients– Masha, Nasa Penfolds, Rollins, Ubamarket, USDA, Department of State, Vegas, Victorias Secret, Chico’s, Audi, Addison Lee, Novartis, Government Transport, ESPN, Hersheys Park, Rosetta stone, Fleet Farm and many others.

Mojo Tech

Founded in 2009, MojoTech is a software design and development agency headquartered in Providence, RI, MojoTech has launched more than 150 products by partnering with clients. With a client base that ranges from early-stage startups to Fortune 50 companies. MojoTech’s award-winning team is composed of engineers, designers, and product managers led by CEO Nick Kishfy. It has been partnered with clients to not only deliver software but also define strategy and kickoff MVP product planning and document best practices during product development.

Key services : Web App Development | Ruby on Rails. Mobile Development| Node.js User Experience Design.

Worldwide offices in Providence, New York City, Boulder and Washington DC  ( USA )

Major clients: Docent Health, DTour, Dockwa, Regonline, Risk I/O and others


Founded in 2007, Willow Tree helps their clients to realize the potential of rapidly evolving mobile technologies, from developing a mobile strategy to launching mobile products. Their unique team permits address their clients concerns at the highest strategic level while ensuring that all recommendations are presented in the context of real-world build costs and timelines. They have the expertise to take the strategy through the mobile product design, development, testing, and launch phases.

Portfolio / Services : Mobile Strategy| Mobile Design Native Application Development Mobile Web Application Development| Mobile Enterprise Mobile Commerce Cloud | API Integration. Emerging Platforms Security & Compliance and more

Worldwide Offices : USA Offices – North Carolina, Virginia , California.

Major clients:  The Game Show Network, BabyCenter (a Johnson & Johnson company), GE, AOL, Valpak, Crutchfield Electronics, Department of Defense, PepsiCo, the University of Virginia, Fox News, Nestle, and many others.


Founded in 2003 with more than 200 specialized team members, ThoughtBot is a leading web and mobile design and development agency, with a professional and efficient team of designers and developers. Headquartered at Boston, their clients are any organization creating a new product or service under conditions of uncertainty. They are optimistic and ambitious. They want customer feedback and rapid prototypes. Thoughtbot has a excellent team of  experienced and hardworking employees working day and night for customers satisfaction.

Key services: User experience design, Ruby on rails, iOS App development, Cross-Platform Development, Android Development, Product design, Android design

Offices in: Boston,  New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Texas, Raleigh ( North Carolina ) | UK office- London.

Major clients: Merck, Legendary, Klarna and others.

SmartLogic Semaphore

Founded in 2006 with more employees, SmartLogic Semaphore brings structure to the unstructured, scales to manage organizational volumes.It is  headquartered at San Jose, US.It has built upon semantic standards and leverages Linked Open Vocabularies Semaphore’s model-driven approach that solves complex business problems.The company integrates into  the capabilities of existing technology to improve time to value for new opportunities. Global organizations in the energy, healthcare, life sciences, financial services, government & intelligence, media and publishing and high tech manufacturing industries use Semaphore every day.

Key services and portfolio-classification software| taxonomy and ontology management semantic search| enterprise search entity extraction| business intelligence| information governance. big data text analytics.harmonization text mining| unstructured information metadata| semantic web. Insight Engines.

Offices-US Office- San Jose |  US Federal Office- Alexandria | UK Office- London.

Major clients– Mark logic, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SDL,  Top Quardrant, Lucidworks, Optimation, Summit 17, Team Informatics, Earley, Infoclear, KAPS  Group, Wand, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Hp, Astra Zencea, Amgen, Audi, Pfizer, Merk and many others.

Segue Technologies

Founded in 1997 with more than 200 employees,Segue is a technology partner who understands the business operations, requirements, and constraints of their customers. It is headquartered at Arlington, United States. Segue designs and develops mission-critical applications following a CMMI Level 3 appraised approach.The firm is supported by an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and CMMIDEV/3. As an employer, Segue Technologies believes in hiring the best in the industry and providing an atmosphere where innovation and team collaboration are paramount. Segue has been awarded with various prestigious awards like- The Abbies Award, Gov Star Awards, Inc 5000 Awards,  Best Virginas place to work Awards, Washington Great place to work Awards.

Key services and portfolio-Application Development| Systems Integration Web Design. Web Development Business Intelligence| Network Engineering Mobile Application Development Information Management| Enterprise Systems.

Offices– US Offices- Arlington, Beaver creek, Dayton, Atlanta, Washington DC, Cape Canaveral,  Colorado Springs, Montgomery | Egypt Office- Alexandria.

Major clients– Healthcare without harm, The Hybrid Shop Website, Five Guys, Lost Dog Cafe, USMC,UNCF, IT Support, USAF, Inova, Navy Mutual Aid Association, Arlintpn Pets App, SJI,US Navy, Procurelinn Pro, FRA, Shoo Shan Company, Caring Village, Side Walks, Arlington National Cemetery and  many others.

Achievion Solutions

Founded in 2010 with more than 50 employees.  Achievion  Solutions is a  firm that deals in web and mobile application development. It is headquartered at McLean, Virginia . It specializes in the blockchain, Video, and Big Data technologies. The firm designs, deliver sophisticated solutions for clients ranging from startups to and government agencies. The company designs delivers and support sophisticated solutions for clients ranging from startups to mid-size companies and government agencies. Achievion solutions mainly aims for coming up with elegant solutions to complex problems, becoming an expert in every area of specialization.

Key services and portfolio-software development| mobile apps development| web apps development| enterprise architecture. system integration. blockchain video | big data.

Offices– US Office- Virginia

Major clients– Fitness Studio Video Streaming Platform, Veterans Disability Benefits App, Telecom Complains Saas, Travel ipad App, Health Education  Non Profit App, School Payment Platform, Fashion E-commerce Platform, Kids learn to series, Even Planning sual, E Gifting e-commerce platform, Technology Upgrade, Nih Grant Management System and many others.

Savvy Apps

Founded in 2009 with more than 50 employees, Savvy apps is a mobile app development firm. Savvy  as customers affectionately call us—has crafted hundreds of app experiences, pushed thousands of app updates, of downloads. They believe that they own  the best team in the game: a group of passionate, particular, and proven individuals. The team is tenacious, opinionated, particular, and obsessive about everything in life… it shows in work.

Key services and portfolio-mobile| iPhone iPad. iOS| Android windows phone.

Offices– US Office- Reston.

Major clients– Sprynt, Shrm, Cato institute, Pocket Prep, Petpath, Life Fuels, The Motley Fool, Musk, Nelpa, PBS,FP, Cato, Brainscope, Navient, HomeSnap, Speek, Bruvelo, NFL Players Association, and many others.

Clearly Innovative Inc

Founded in 2009 with 100 employees, Clearly Innovative Inc are a technology solutions provider. It is headquartered in Washington DC, US. They produce highly integrated, web and mobile applications and modules, as well as custom content management systems and supporting websites. As a leader in early adaption and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, the company provides services focused on strategy, user experience, design and development.

Key services and portfolio-Software Development Development  | Project Management Mobile Application Development | Website Development Web and Mobile Strategy Native IOS and Android Development HTML5 Based Mobile Application Development.

Offices– US Offices-  Washington DC, New York.

Major clients-  NMAAHC, Repurpose Websites, Rhenced Mobile App, Mary land Mortgage Program, Lock Hoek Martin, National Migrate, US Black Chambers, AmericAN red cross online store, Larson u Brien, U Seek, Queens Public Library, My Miltary Life and many others.


Founded in 2010 with more than 100 employees, 3Advance is a tight-knit development team that creates mobile apps and data-management applications.  It is headquartered at Washington DC, US. They work with both startup founders and business leaders that want to make a change in their ecosystem. It also offers an on-demand, elite team of professionals that develops user-focused apps. 3Advance provides a team of professionals that develops user-focused apps at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated internal team.

Key services and portfolio– Mobile Apps Database Applications | Web Applications Sports Platforms.

Offices– US Office- Washington DC.

Major clients- Fanamana, Upside Travel, Special Olympics, Neuseum, Bens Chili Bowl, Eyrus, Phone fries, HSA Coach, Octagon, Yfoix, Medv, Yrustyle king, Team Buildr and many others.

List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Washington DC  | Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPs in Washington DC.

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