Top Mobile App Development Companies in Philadelphia | Pennsylvania

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Philadelphia
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Philadelphia, Allentown in Pennsylvania | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Philadelphia, Allentown in Pennsylvania.


Founded in 1997 with more than 1000 employees, CapTech delivers transformation, customer engagement, data & analytics and custom IT solutions for some of the country’s largest private companies, public companies, and government agencies.  It is headquartered at Richmond, United States. The company’s collaborative approach helps organizations grow their business, engage with customers and turn data into powerful insights. It brings expert consultants to every engagement to develop a deep understanding of the goals and assets unique to each client. The firm tailors custom solutions to maximize the impact of clients’ investment. Their client portfolio includes ten of the Fortune 50, ten state governments, four of the five largest banks and three of the top five largest hotel chains. CapTech’s dynamic culture promotes a passion for technology and cultivates an environment of mutual respect with an added element of fun. It is proud to be counted among the Inc. 5000, which lists the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, for the 7th consecutive year. Working within clients’ cultures, business solutions are tailored to their unique needs. CapTech prides itself on being a great place to work. In fact, we have been named in the Top 10 ‘Best Firms to Work For” for the past two years and ranked #28 in Vault’s 2014 Consulting Top 50.

Key services and portfolio-Data &amp | Analytics. Customer Engagement | Transformation. Technology Solutions. Cloud Strategy | Agile Transformation. Mobile &amp.Devices | Salesforce.

Offices– US Offices- Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Orlando, Richmond, Baltimore, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington DC.


Founded in 2007 with more than 200 employees, Stuzo has been helping to accelerate forward-leaning companies through digital product innovation. It is headquartered at Philadelphia, United States. They define, design, and deliver highly useful and usable digital products for Mobile, IoT, Web, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and AI bots. Unlike digital agencies, they are hyper-focused on delivering digital products at the speed of innovation. Stuzo’s digital product innovation capabilities have been proven to accelerate business for enterprises such as Facebook, Sunoco, MasterCard, and P&G.

Key services and portfolio-mobile | web. IoT. mobile loyalty rewards| mobile apps. mobile payments| digital products. android. IoT, iOS.

Offices– US Offices-New York, Philadelphia | Ukraine Offices- Zhytomyr , Kyiv.

Major clients– Swarovski, Stuzo Qwickstart For Conexxus, Roadmap, Marie Claire, Master card,  WC Work, Peoples Choice Awards, Mag, My Climb, Verizon, Master the brand and many others.

Prompt Works

Founded in 2013 with more than 100 employees, Using this approach, The company has helped fortune 500 companies and New Ventures alike build amazing software. They have grown from a team of three to a team of 20+ simply by building software our clients love. PromptWorks is a premier software consulting shop with offices in Philadelphia, NYC and Austin. The firm specializes in Ruby, Python, JavaScript and related technologies. With decades of software experience, they are industry veterans with unmatched technical chops and a serious commitment to Agile practices. In addition to helping businesses build new web apps and APIs, we solve problems with existing apps like scaling, testing and automating development operations.

Key services and portfolio-Ruby| Ruby on Rails. JavaScript. Agile Development  Test Driven Development| Internet of Things. AI. Machine Learning| Python. React. React-Native. API Design | JavaScript. Mobile Apps.

Offices– US Offices- Philadelphia, New York, Austin.

Major clients– Mobile Error Reporting and analytics, American Eagle, Comcast, Neat, Penn, IFTTT, Thrive Term, Daily Worth, Sungard, 2nd Watch, Coriell Life Sciences, Picwell, Roost, Sony, Seagate, Datacolour, Clean Markets, OpenStack, Thrive and many others.

Tonic Design

Founded in 2010 with more than 200 employees, Tonic Design Co. is a technology agency committed to imagining and producing extraordinary digital products. It is headquartered at Philadelphia, US.  They are flexible and dependable problem solvers providing strategy, design, and development for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Their dedicated and experienced team of employees carry each and every operation of the business providing 100% satisfaction.

Key services and portfolio-experience strategy| experience design. design research| visual design. digital experiences| UX, software development. application development. innovation| emerging technology.

Offices– US Office- Philadelphia.

Major clients– Aber Crombie, And Fitch, Astra Zeneca, AT & T, Barclays, Check Point, Comcast, Farmers Insurance, Hollister, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Khovnanian Homes, Merk, Pffizer, Ralph Lauren, Scala, and many others.


Founded in 2008 with more than  100  employees,Zivtech is a full service web design and web development agency. Their work combines best of breed open source software with powerful cloud services.  It is headquartered at Philadelphia,United States.They are tight-knit team of experts who are committed to helping our clients succeed. The firm loves to open source because it gives our clients the freedom to innovate and adapt. Zivtech team works with clients from a wide range of industries to provide sites and applications that are built to grow with their organizations.

Key services and portfolio-Drupal. Alfresco| Linux. Apache. Solr| Websites. Web Development | MySQL. jQuery | Content Marketing. CMS. ECM, DMS | CRM. Open Source Software| Node.js. Varnish| Project Management. Web Design. SASS.

Major clients– Now and then, Radial, Mitel, Annenberg, Do Something Org, MNN, Conant, Flitter milz, Fruit Guys, Guthrie, Health Care Without harm, Martian, Clarifi, Bryn Mawr, Inspire, Flatworld, Time Tern, Use nix and amny others.

The Tactile Group

Founded in 2004 with more than 100 employees, The Tactile Group is a full solution digital agency that is designed to give a damn.  It is headquartered at Philadelphia, United States. They combine research, digital strategy, user experience, and visual design to help clients think beyond the ordinary. The Firm partners with local, state, and federal governments, as well as enterprise and non-profit clients to provide outstanding digital experiences.

Key services and portfolio-Strategy and Research | Graphic Design. Web Design and Development. Custom Applications and Digital Products| Content Management Systems. Expression Engine. Drupal | PHP| Agile and PMBOK Project Management. Database Design. System Architecture | FedRAMP.

Offices– US Offices- Washington DC,  Philadelphia.

Major clients– Amazon, Atkin, Stormwater Plan review, US Department Of education, City Of Boxn Intranet, You4 Youth, Phl Marketplace and many others.

Night Kitchen Interactive

Founded in 1997 with more than 100 employees, Night Kitchen Interactive are an award-winning interactive design firm with 18 years of experience working with museums, science centers, and arts and cultural heritage organizations.  It is headquartered at Philadelphia, United States. Their online exhibits and interpretive installations facilitate exploratory learning through insightful narratives and compelling storylines. The firm crafts meaningful experiences by combining the latest technological trends with collections-based insight, creating a unique and memorable connection with audiences.

Key services and portfolio-Interactive Exhibits| Website Design &amp. Development. Interpretive Installations. Digital Strategy| Online Communities.

Offices-United States Office- Philadelphia.

Major clients– Vietnam War murals, Monument Lab, Nisei Soldiers, Memento Mutter, King Midas Interactive, You in flowers, Callinet Of Curiosities, This is my story, Yale clutter for British art, National Postal Museum, Brush Painting Activity, Preparing For the Oats, Alchemical Qwst, Birds Of DC, Star Spangled Banner, Teenie Harris exhibit, Everybody, History Of vaccines and many others.

Happy Hog

Founded in 1999 with more than 100 employees, Happy hog are equally committed to a process that creates a lasting product. The web is a medium that can change quickly, and 18 years. It is headquartered at Philadelphia, United States. The firm is proud to claim work that has tolerated changes in taste and technology for greater than ten years — lifetimes, in web terms.The firm has been designing websites and digital experiences adhering to this principle since the Wild West days of the early web when they were among the first to petition browser makers for what are now commonly accepted standards. To this day the company continues to put these standards to use in
“People first” is not just a slogan. It’s an unambiguous ethic that instructs not only our work and STUDIO CULTURE but the projects we choose to pursue.
Key services and portfolio-Web Design| User Experience. Front End Development | Back End Implementation. Content Strategy. Mobile Design. Application Design| Information Architecture. User Research. Responsive Design| Website Redesign. Client Collaboration| Education, Publishing.
Offices– US Offices- Philadelphia.
Major clients– WL Gore & Associates, Davids Bridal, Motivate, Memorial Sloan Kettering  Cancer Center, New York Institute Of Technology, Circum Logic, Harvard Cartenlion School, MTV Artists, NRT, Rush,  Lagunitas Brewing Company, Trek bikes, Coldwell Banker Previews International, Ben & Jerry, Moss Rehab, AMC Theatres, Harvard College, EL Neuro Dia, Garus Group, Fragrance X and many others.


 Founded in 2005 with more than 100 employees, Bluecadet is an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates world-class websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments. It is headquartered at Philadelphia, US. Founded in 2007, Bluecadet collaborates with leading museums, cultural institutions, universities, and nonprofit organizations to educate, engage, and entertain. From a touchscreen T. Rex puzzle at Chicago’s Field Museum to MoMA’s bilingual mobile guide exploring the murals of Diego Rivera, our work inspires interaction and imagination. The Bluecadet team includes strategists, designers, and developers working alongside illustrators, animators, and photographers in our 8,400-square-foot office. They are proud to have created custom digital experiences for over 20 distinguished institutions in our hometown including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to an Emmy, their work has earned several Webby, Webvisionary, ADDY, SXSW, and AAM Muse awards, among other honors
Key services and portfolio-interactive design| web development. multimedia storytelling. exhibition design| media planning. interactive installations.
Offices– US Offices- Philadelphia, New York.
Major clients–    NASA Data lens, The National WWII Museum, Smith Sonians National Air, Blue Whale Interactives, Princeton Admission Website, Van Gohs Bedrooms, Science  Friday Website, Slavery To Monticello, Treasures From Korea, Oceana Website, Native American Voices, Graphic World Projection, and many others.

List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Philadelphia, Allentown in Pennsylvania | Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPs in Philadelphia,Allentown in Pennsylvania.

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