Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ottawa | Canada

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ottawa
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Ottawa, Vancouver, Ontario | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ottawa, Vancouver, Ontario


Founded in 1995 with more than 200 employees, BitHeads is a privately held company that was founded in 1995 and has delivered over 500+ successful projects to global fortune 1000 organizations. It is headquartered at Ottawa, Canada. They are comprised of two primary divisions: a custom software development team and a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) team. The company builds the hybrid enterprise applications you need to improve efficiency, the consumer apps wanting to grow market share. The IoT applications  can create new markets with, and the rapid prototypes & MVPs necessary to have your next big project green lighted.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Application Development| Enterprise Application Development. Software Development| Cloud Application Development.

Offices– Canada Office- Ottawa.

Major clients- Ebay, Canada Posts Post Canada, Tangerine, Etrade, Nortec, Telus,QNX, Synacor, Kivuto, EA and many others.

Alpha App Studios

Founded in 2011 with more than 100 employees,Alpha App Studios is a premium mobile application solutions. It is headquartered at Ontario, Canada. It  provides the needs  who specializes in conceptualization, design, development, and distribution of mobile apps. Alpha App Studios creates applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.The company has a team of experienced a hardworking employees working day and night for customers satisfaction.

Key services and portfolio-Android Handheld|Mobile Application Support. Maintenance | iOS. Blackberry |Windows Phone. Mobile Application Development | Mobile Application Design. Mobile Application Distribution.iPad. Android Tablet| Blackberry Tablet.

Offices–  Canada office – Ontario.

Major clients–  Healthcare, Telecommunications.

Arctic Empire

Founded in 2010 with more than 100 employees,Arctic Empire has established itself as a leader in creativity and innovation within the mobile development market. It is headquartered at Ottawa, US. With grassroots in game development, Arctic Empire transitioned into a full-service digital agency   leading to businesses from start-up to enterprise with  skills and expertise in design, development, and digital marketing. The team has worked with local and international clients to provide custom digital solutions tailored to a plethora of diverse businesses. The company prides on what it is  offering as  integrating the vision with  experiences.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Development| Web Development .Game Development |Branded development| Graphic Design. Brand Development| Social Media Management.

Offices- Canada office- Ottawa.

Major clients– My x fusions, Carazy Raise, We Justmet, Tipout, Kfwe Event, Vin Trades, Magmic, Cariblou Adventure, Wave2 Alliances, Class Scent, Smash fund, Swan Aviation, Snap file, Obria, Roast n Brew, Dream Maker, Office Attracks and many others.

Grype Solutions 

Founded in 2009 with more than 100 employees,Grype believes that technology can improve lives and create opportunities through meaningful connections. It is headquartered at Ottawa, US.It  helps to create these connections through digital experiences that engage and delight audiences. It creats maps to get  there (or close) through digital marketing and captivating websites It is a team of talented designers, developers and strategists. The firm creates websites and digital marketing solutions that deliver results.

Key services and portfolio-Enterprise web application development |Drupal 6-7.ExpressionEngine| WordPress. Mobile application development| Sencha Touch framework. Content management solutions for online publishing| Business process workflows.

Offices– Canada office – Ottawa | USA Office- New Jersey | Bangladesh Office- Dhaka.

Major clients-macadamias, Carleton, Hill times, Ottawa, University of Calgary, The Royal Conservatory, The writers Union Of canada, APRG, Calgary French & International School, Cool Cleveland, Flyta, ERT, Library and Archives Canada and many others

Corporate Renaissance Group

Founded in 1989 with more than 200 employees,At Corporate Renaissance Group (CRGroup), They have a single focus: improving performance through innovative solutions. It is headquartered at  Ottawa, US. Their consulting services team is renowned for its expertise and experience in: strategy design and execution; management consulting; value creation; executive compensation; and costing and profitability analytics.It designs comprehensive enterprise-level dashboards; business intelligence solutions; shared services strategies; and employee performance management programs. The company implements leverage of solutions like – FlexABM, Cost Allocator, Shared Services Manager, and emPerform.All deliver the best value for money in their class. The firm also serves the Microsoft Dynamics GP community through our products: Changer, Company Combiner, AA Tools, PA Cubes, Re-Formatter, Merger Series, and more.

Key services and portfolio-Business Intelligence| Costing. SharePoint| Financial Systems| Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV. Management Consulting| Employee Performance Management | Planning and Budgeting.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Financial Planning and Analysis.

Offices– Canada Offices- Broken Arrow, Ottawa, Toronto  | South Africa Office- Cape town | India Office- Pune | Hong Kong Office- Norman Cheung | Atlantic Canada- Nova Scotia | Western Canada- Suite.

Major clients– Aflac, Ansa Mcal Group Of companies, Cab Acr, Egg Farmers of Canada, FCM, Dynacare. GeoSoft, Inside Edge, Crea,  ACI, Universities canada, United way Centraide, , The Cambridge Group, Thales, Nista Credit, Micronutrient Initiative, Vega, Blue Waters, Telesat, Taymor, Envision, Biogen, FCM, JBS United, Geosoft, Office authority, Brunk and many others.

Net Solutions

Founded in 2000 with more than 500 employees,Net Solutions develops applications and solutions that put the customer first.  It is headquartered at Chandigarh,India.They believe in creativity, respect, transparency, quality and teamwork at the center of all.The firm has  powerful partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Kentico, Apple and Google Play.Net Solutions has also been featured in journals of international repute like Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Inc Magazine and Brandon Hall Research.

Key services and portfolio-Digital Customer Experience | Mobile App Development |  Software Product Development | UX/UI Design | eCommerce Development | Kentico Magento Software Testing | Digital Customer Engagement | AWS and Google Cloud Content Management System | Cloud Consulting.

Offices– India Office- Chandigarh | US Offices- Los Angeles, New York | UK Office- London | Canada Office- Toronto.

Major clients– Xerox, Mother care, Microsoft, Hay Market, Serv Corp, Hdfc Bank, IMG, Pay Pal, Harvard Business Review, 2xu, PC World and many others.

Osellus Mobile 

Founded in 2001 with more than 200 employees, Osellus mobile understands the complexities of enterprise mobile solutions. It is headquartered at Toronto,Canada. They have consistently delivered complex mobile solutions that entail the extensive server-side development and back office integration points. Osellus Mobile are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an IBM ISV Partner.At Osellus, our goal is to enable customers to achieve their quality, time-to-market, and cost goals through better management of their software development processes.

Key services and portfolio-App Development Enterprise Mobile Solutions| iPhone App Development. Android App Development.BlackBerry App Development  | Windows Phone 7 App Development.Web App Development.

Offices– Canada Offices- Toronto, Ontario.

Major clients-AOI, Cisco, Verizon, Bell, Pepsico, BMO, Antra Zamca and many others.

ClearBridge Mobile

Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees,Clearbridge Mobile has been the trusted mobile app development company for rapid-growth startups and leading enterprises, including more than 35 Fortune 500s. it is Headquartered at Toronto, Canada. The firm combines  rock-star team and a custom agile development process to give you control, transparency, and flexibility.The company  builds mobile app experiences that solve real problems for  business and customers.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Application Development|Mobile App Design Enterprise Mobility. iOS App Development Android App Development Mobile App Strategy.

Offices– Canada offices- Toronto, Ontario.

Major clients– USA Today, Tim Hortons, PayPal, The New York Times, WSJ, Enercare, Bell, Dow Joms, Samsiung, sotheby’s, MLSE, Free The Children, Telus, Pur, Microsoft, Sanwing, Ugo, Gannett, Living Spaces and  many others.

 14Oranges Software Inc

Founded in 2009 with more than 100 employees, They deal with customers by understanding not just their mobile application need but the actual business problem behind their mobile application needs . It is headquartered at Richmond, US. The firm  are rational, ego-free and passionate about serving customers. The team is balanced between creative and analytical mindsets: engineers, developers, sales people, designers, managers .They operate as a highly distributed company with the option of working from home, or in an office environment. They trust  employees, and in return, all employees earn an ownership stake in our firm. The company respects  employees, and in turn, they delight  customers. The complete mobile application solution today requires server-side smarts to manage and maintain the mobile applications deployed. These systems can be cloud-based or secured behind firms firewall. They are well versed in the new API economy.The team members believes in transparency and quality so do all the development in-house  clients can follow the progress at any point along the way. 14 Oranges Software Inc are a collaborative group and are immensely proud of the quality of work.

Key services and portfolio-Mobile Development Services| Custom Web Development Services. Desktop Development Services| Mobile Workforce Management Services. Mobile Application Management Service|Communication.

Offices– US Office – Richmond | Canada Office- Vancouver.

Major clients-  Nec, BC Safety Authority, City Of Richmond, Western Pacific, ARRIS, City of Surrey, Aea, Polygon Gallery, Mea, UBC, Monmouth County, Aect, Hudson county, EDCE, Union Country, Forever, Yours Lingerie, Vergo, Premature  and many others.


Founded in 2003 with more than 100 employees,Norbsoft designs and builds remarkable mobile applications for brands, media, advertisers and enterprises on all major mobile platforms and devices. It is headquartered at Warsaw, Poland. They are a leading mobile application developer comprised of highly skilled professionals with expertise in mobile strategy, user experience design and custom application development. Till now the company has created over two hundred innovative and compelling mobile applications.

Key services and portfolio-mobile marketing| mobile advertising. mobile apps| mobile app development. mobile strategy. mobile UI/UX design. quality assurance| deployment. iOS, Android. Windows Phone| iPhone. iPad| IoT.

Offices-  Canada Office- Ontario  | Europe  Offices- Warsaw, Sienna, Zawiercie.

Major clients-, BMW, British American Tobacco, Nationale Nederlanden, Elstat, TVP, EA, Play, Oriflame,, First data, SGB Bank SA, Pay back, Thomson Reuters, Skycash, Pelion, Scania, Samsung, T Mobile and many others.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Ottawa, Vancouver, Ontario | Top Mobile App Development Companies for StartUPs in Ottawa, Vancouver, Ontario

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