Top Mobile App Development Companies in Warsaw | Poland

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Warsaw,  Wroclaw, Krakow
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List of some of the Top Mobile App Developers in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow | Top Mobile App Development Companies in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow


Founded in 2009, Nomtek is a mobile app design and development agency founded in 2009 with track record of several applications topping the application store listings. Their package includes designing the app for business value and usability, software development, testing and maintenance, publishing and project management.

Major clients – MutterElbe, MarleySpoon,Steganos, MyHammer,Momox, Eleiko, Intel, Yelp, Onet, Deutsche Telecom, IFR, JustFab, Ringieraxel Springer, Pons and others

Key portfolio / services – Mobile application development Web application development UI/UX Design Mobile post-development marketing | Offices – USA office – San Francisco | UK office – London | Poland office – Wrocław

Key people / Team  –  Dane ( software developer ) , Lukasz ( software developer ), Odie ( Ios developer ), Aleksander ( ios developer ), Daniel ( ios developer ) , Mateusz .p ( Android developer ), Krzysztof ( Android developer )

Ready 4s

Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees, Ready 4s is a well established mobile app developer  company.It is headquartered at Krakow,Poland.It is an award winning firm rendering time to time value for money services.They able customization to their customers and clients.Innovation along with application of new strategies remains their foremost  objective. The company has gained various recognition and awards including no 1App Futura Award, No1 Clutch Awards, No1 App Index Awards and best fintech app development company awards.The apps they have created consists: – the biggest dating app for New York and Los Angeles, – the biggest booking app competitive to, – the award-winning medical wearable app. Ready 4s dedicated hardworking and experienced team stays always ready for uncertain challenges and overcomes it maximizing companies profit ratio.The apps we created include: – the biggest dating app for New York and Los Angeles, – the biggest booking app competitive to, – the award-winning medical wearable app.

Keyservices and portfolio-Android apps iOS apps Windows Phone apps Xamarin Body leasing. Objective-C Java JavaScript MySQL. Swift PHP HTML CSS WordPress. C# Parse Beacons MVP Agile and UX/UI.

Offices- UE office- Poland | US Office-New York | Ukraine Office- Lviv | UK Office- Dorset, Poole.

Major Clients- Travel Art, Zamel, Auto Centrum, BookApart, Gannet, Roche, Coca Cola, Credit Agricole,, Smartzilla, gotthubber, free2cycle, 2life, fortum, Amped.


Founded in 2012 with more than 200 employees, Cleveroad is a well known  mobile and web development firm. It is headquartered at Dhipro, Ukraine.They believe in collaboration with customers in order to work business requests effectively.The company has a team of quality, skilled professionals attaining cooperation with business segment,daring startup,and dealing private clients. Cleveroad specializes in -In house team, Technology Stack, User focused process, Smooth Communication,High quality code, Transparency. Their team does care about the final outcome and help customers to smoothly hit it off and is always intended for productive long-term business relationship.

 Keyservices and portfolio-mobile development web development outstaff services. ui design and ux design.

Offices- Ukraine Office- Dnipro | Uk Office- Manchester | Canada Office- Portagetre | USA Office- Los Angeles | Poland Office- Krakow | Belarus Office- Minsk.

Major Clients- BIzi, Dinamo Performan, Virgin Atlantic, CRYPTO AGENT, EVENTS, ecole, BORDUVA, ALSTOM, KRAT.BUSINESS, PAINT YOUR WORLD, NO LOGO,Time fun, INTIMEDELIVERY, Digital Donations, Spring Shine, Era estate, SWEET, MY Fitness, DARINATOUR and many others.


Founded in 1998 with around 1000 employees, Exadel brings deep expertise in digital transformation, developing enterprise software and tech solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It is headquartered at Walnut Greek, California. They primarily focuses on areas like- Healthcare ,Financial Services, E-commerce and Retail – Media and Entertainment,High Tech and Software .Delivering  100% customer satisfaction  is the one and only goal of the company.Exadel covers various areas of operations like- Enterprise services, Open Source Development Tool, Saleable Products.

Keyservices and portfolio- integration of middleware SOA portals rich UIs open source development tools. mobile development tools software development enterprise services DevOps Extended & Dedicated Teams. Big Data & Analytics QA automation & testing. IoT application support UX/UI product development enterprise mobile development. IT staff augmentation PaaS SaaS. healthcare tech solutions and financial services tech solutions.

Offices- US Offices- Walnut Greek, Boulder | Belarus Offices- Gomel, Gordvo, Minsk,Vitebsk, Lithwania- Klaipeda, Valnius | Poland Offices- Warsaw, Szczecin, Bialystock | Russia- Chelya binsk, Yekaterinburg | Ukraine Offices- Kharkov, Vinnytsia.

Major Clients- Memory case, Microsoft, UBS, MEKESSON, DUN & BRADSTREET, GHX, Verifoneway,nep, ARROW, Fare, SPYDER, Bcycle, Fanatics, Bol ups, Brightstores,DOUBON GO, SALK International,CRUDE international, NCAR, SEARS, SILO, FIRSTCALL, LEANIN TREE and many others.

MLS Dev Inc

Founded in 2009 with more than 200 employees, MLS Dev is a  firm that provides awesome web and mobile apps for entrepreneurs and startups in a cost-effective and timely manner based on Lean philosophy. The mission of the company  is to maximally unlock the potential of business ideas through innovation. They provide unique opportunity to fine tune and  render right solution to business needs. Technologies like Swift , Javascript,  Java,  Ruby on Rails are been used by the firm.They specialize in providing all-in-one solutions in web and mobile development. It follows lean principles and work according to agile methodologies to deliver the best results reducing the budget for development and its timeline.MLS Dev includes additional services are: Proof of concept / Technical research; Load testing; IoT hardware prototyping and software development.

Keyservices And Portfolio- Mobile app development iOS, Android Web development Ruby on Rails. HTML5 Design UI/UX Consulting. Wireframing and Producer services.

Offices- Ukraine Office- Vinnystsia | USA Office- San Fransisco | Poland Office- Krakow.

Major Clients- ESPN, Panasonic, gopuff, DANONE, MC Donalds, Comfy, Artstation, Levelup, Chored, Yummi, Edgerift.

Droids on Roids

Founded in 2011 with more than 200 employees, Droids on Roids is one of the leading mobile app developers.It is headquartered at Wroclaw,Poland.They deliver GIF’s to the worlds greatest apps like Facebook, Messenger, Atlassion, Whats-app, bit rise.They render services like designs for iOS and Android platforms. With startups like GIPHY and Electric Objects to bigger brands it has created its  world class place.They are a  team of more than 50 talented professionals including – Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Engineers, Scrum Masters and Account Managers. Bigger companies like Clutch have given positive reviews regarding its services. Droids on Roids has prestigious awards like Deloitte awards and many more.Clients and customers love with the firm as they are very much reliable, flexible ,agile driven, provides better communication having experienced and hardworking specialists.

Keyservices and portfolio- Android iOS mobile apps mobile development. ruby on rails backend api, design. UI/UX Swift and Internet of Things.

Offices- UE office- Poland.

Major Clients- Walt Disney, Giphy Cam, LiveChat, Electric Objects, Unilever, Nestle  and many others.

Top Mobile App Developers for StartUPs in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow | Top Mobile App Development Companies in for StartUPs Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow

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